Hey friend! Oh, I am so glad you are here. 

I'm Katie, writer and founder of Life Encouraged. I'm wife to Joe, the most handsome and wise man I know (and the most funny). I'm mama to the two most precious little girls who are 10 months apart and whom I spend my days with. I drink way too much coffee, listen to multiple podcasts daily, and have a secret obsession with When Calls the Heart. Above all, I LOVE Jesus and encouraging women to seek the Giver of all good things. 

I've always had a heart for writing. I remember writing short stories with tiny pencils and huge erasers in 2nd grade. I kept journals and diaries my entire life (so embarrassing) and I started a blog three years ago called Hot Tea and the Empty Seat to share what God is teaching me. It blossomed into the perfect outlet where I have met the best of friends. Just recently, I decided to put action to my dreams, mainly the big one of becoming a writer, so I decided it was time to start fresh. 

Life Encouraged is a place where I, a woman once stained by sin and now saved by grace, encourage fellow women to life a life of joy and purpose in every season. I've always had a heart to encourage others. I just feel like it's my thing, it's a calling from God that He has given me. I really do love seeing other women live for Christ through serving.. whether it's by serving God, their job, their family, their husband, their community, their world or all of the above! 

Life Encouraged is a place where I share my heart (the good, bad, and the ugly) and what God is teaching me in my life. 

Life Encouraged is a space where women of all areas and seasons of life can come and feel understood and known yet challenged. You'll see photos of my life and maybe even a guest appearance from my husband. 

This isn't a place where I have it all together. I'm not a perfect writer who is going to try and give you some silly five-step process to having the best life ever. It's quite the opposite... but that's the beauty of a life encouraged by the freedom and joy found in Jesus!