Thursday, April 19, 2018

40 Prayers to Pray During Your Pregnancy: Part Three

Thank you all for being patient as I took a break from writing to raise two babies who are only ten months apart. It's been an adventure, no doubt! I have received hundreds of emails asking where the next prayers were in regards to the 40 Weeks of Prayer during Pregnancy (which you can find PART ONE and PART TWO here!) and I am so sorry for not getting back to them quicker! I look forward to writing more often as I can! 

Week 21 
Lord, thank you for this life growing inside of me! I pray that you would prepare my heart for what is to come. Jesus, I put my hope, my trust, my security in You. I trust that You will prepare my heart and mind for what you have in store as I nurture and love this baby. Amen. 

Week 22 
Jesus, thank you for another week of carrying this baby! Thank you that you are the Creator of all good things and I know that you have great joy in store for this little one. Lord, I pray that you would even now cultivate a heart of joy in this child and that you would help me share the joy that you give me with him/her as I parent and mother them in your strength. In Jesus Name, Amen! 

Week 23 
Lord, I surrender! I surrender all of my cares, worries, fears, anxieties, ALL of my thoughts about this pregnancy and the unknown at Your feet. Help me to take every thought captive this week. Holy Spirit, give me peace as I surrender all to you this pregnancy. Amen! 

Week 24
Lord, be glorified. I pray that as I carry this child, that I would do so for your glory. When times get tough or exhausting and even when things are blissful and I feel the baby kick, let me praise and glorify YOU no matter what! I can only do this in the power of the Gospel! Thank you for giving me salvation! In Jesus name, amen. 

Week 25 
Lord I pray for humility. Lord, help me to be humble enough to ask for help when I need it. Especially when this child enters the world, I won't be able to do it all on my own. Help me to not fear reaching out for help especially from you, Lord! Please now put people in my path who will walk alongside of me in this season! In Jesus Name I pray... amen. 

Week 26 
Lord, thank you for this child. I thank you for how you have already, even before the foundation of the earth, formed and intricately designed my child. Thank you that you have a plan for him/her and thank you that your desire for my child is that she/he would grow up loving You and loving others. I pray that your plan would be known to my child and I pray that you would give me loving kindness as I parent and raise up this child to live out their purpose on this earth. Amen! 

Week 27 
Jesus, you are good! I praise you for being in control of all things, for forgiving us and loving us even when we are undeserving and unfaithful to You. Thank you that you never leave us nor forsake us. I pray that even now, you would fill my child with a peace that surpasses all understanding and that as he/she grows, he would come to trust you in all things in Jesus Name! 

Week 28 
Heavenly Father, protect my child from the fallen world around us that does not acknowledge you as God and Savior. But even more than that, empower her to love the people in this world and culture around her with Your love. May Your love exude out of my child even at a young age. Strengthen me to be an example of Your love to my children! Amen! 

Week 29 
Thank you, Jesus, for the gifts, talents, dreams, and desires that you are already instilling in my child. I pray that I can nurture those gifts and lead my child into a right understanding of how he can use his gifts and talents for your glory, God! I pray that he would be bold and encourage others with the gifts you have given him whatever that may be. Thank you for being the ultimate artist and Creator God! 

Week 30 
Father, grow my understanding of You so that I can share Your love, Your wisdom, Your truth with my child as they grow. I won't be perfect at it and in my failure, I know you are faithful! Thank you for always being faithful! Give me wisdom and give my child wisdom even now, Lord! 

Week 31-40 will be up tomorrow! I pray that these prayers will bless you and lead you into a closer relationship with our Savior! 

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