Thursday, November 2, 2017

My Favorite Podcasts!

As a stay at home mama, I listen to LOTS of podcasts while I am doing the dishes or while the girls are napping. Sometimes I'll have it playing in the background while we play or while the girls are doing their own thing. All of these podcasts are Christ-focused and even though some of them have "mom" in the title, don't let that steer you away if you don't have kids. ALL of these podcasts I would recommend to EVERY woman because they are just packed full to the brim with wisdom, encouragement, and truth... three things I am super passionate about and three things I get excited over. Here we go:

 I listen to this and the next podcast so much that I feel like I know the hosts, haha. It's probably weird but it is what it is. Heather is so funny and so wise which is a cool combo. Her podcast is full of real and practical topics (like hundreds) and she interviews men and women who are experts in each topic. She had a series this past summer called summer of mentorship and it was the most beautiful, wise thing I've listened to. It included older and wiser women from all different walks of life talking about how God has been faithful in their life in whatever struggle or place they found themselves. SO good!

Okay, I honestly wish I could be besties with Laura + Emily. They are sister-in-laws who are also moms and wives with young kids who started the podcast as just a 5 episode project and now it's totally blown up! This is a definite must listen. These two are real, right in the trenches with every young mom with babies, so relatable, and SO encouraging. Every episode they air is totally focused around the GOSPEL! Less practical and more wisdom and encouragement which is honestly a breath of fresh air in this "five step to a perfect life" society that we live in. They even have an awesome website which has tons of bible study resources and other things. I look forward to a new episode every Wednesday. It's so fun!

I listen to Revive our Hearts when I have some time to listen in a little closer because she teaches in every podcast from the scriptures and it. is.  so. powerful. She's a great teacher who is older and wiser than I who is so passionate about Jesus, His Word, and His Church.

Okay, honestly, I laugh out loud every episode of Emily's. I think I loved her podcast just from reading the title of it. I already could relate. She is down right hilarious! She is a mom of two kids and a wife. She is so real and so relatable. She interviews other women from all paths of life. So much insight and wisdom but not in a boring way. I am normally hanging onto every word. I really wish you would just go listen right now to one of her episodes and you'll see why I love her podcast so much. I'm pretty sure we could be besties. 

Christy's podcast is so serene and lovely. She is also an artist but is just full of the love of Christ and it pours out of her words. Sometimes she interviews other women and sometimes she just shares her heart but both are always so life-giving!

I've only listened to this podcast a few times but it's still one of my favorites. These ladies are real, not afraid to speak truth, and are all wise! 

This is one of my newest listens. Annie has such a delightful personality and you can just tell she loves the Lord. Her podcast episode with Sadie Robertson is a must listen (or maybe it's because I'm the #1 Robertson Fam fan). And her podcast episode with Carlos Whittaker is AMAZING. Y'all, listen now. 

8. Dad Tired (for the guys!) 
I LOVE this podcast! Jerrad Lopes has an awesome testimony about how his wife would wake up at 2 or 3 am every night to pray for him and that was like the rocket into his passion to follow Jesus and help men also follow Jesus with their all. It's a must listen for the guys and it's also encouraging for the women to be reminded to love their dudes + pray for them daily! ALSO, this is totally worth mentioning. He has a devotional for men! I bought one for my husband and every day he reads it, he's floored with how convicting, sound, and encouraging it is! 

Sally Clarkson is a gem. Listen to her once and you'll be hooked. She and her husband have raised four children (now adults with their own families) who love the Lord and she is passionate about the Word, the home, and raising her kids to know Jesus. She's just priceless. 


  1. I haven't listened to any of these yet (but I love podcasts)! I'll have to check them out. Thanks for the recs!

    1. They are all gems!! :) What podcasts do you like?!


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