Tuesday, October 25, 2016

learning the art of slow living

As each day passes, I can see and feel it more and more... the joy that surrounds living slowly, savoring each moment, and really trying to be intentional about being in the moment. Having a baby has taught me to be intentional about not letting the moment slip by without enjoying it and really savoring it. 

I don't want to always have my phone in my hand or always think I have to be doing something to seem busy and important to people around me. I don't want to blink and regret not enjoying every single day, every single stage and season of Josie's life or my marriage. The more I choose to let the dishes sit in the sink for another hour to sit in the floor with Josie, watching her play and making her laugh, the more joy I feel in my heart. Of course there are days when I have to clean the house but even in those moments, I am learning to be thankful for the home I live in, the food I have to cook, and the toys I have to pick up off the floor everyday. 

I used to dread cleaning my house or cooking dinner but when I stop and thank God for these blessings, these "chores" become my joys and they create in me a thankful and content heart. I'm slowly learning to savor each moment... the sweet moments when my sweet girl cuddles up into my hair or kisses my cheek, the tough moments when I'm tired and exhausted from being pregnant---a complete blessing from God, the mundane days filled with laundry and dirty dishes made by the people I love the most in life, and the easy days when my house is clean and my husband is off of work early to enjoy his family.

 I'm so guilty of thinking of life as a to-do list but God is showing me that life is more about enjoying every moment that He gives us. I am choosing not to fret over an imperfect home. I am choosing to cherish this role, this season, this life. 

I want to stop what I'm doing to go outside and listen to the birds sing. I want to watch my baby sleep because one day, she won't have big pudgy cheeks and tiny little hands. I want to kiss my husband longer and hug him more because everything can wait when he comes home from work. I want to put my phone away and watch my child laugh and learn so many new little things... or enjoy the smell of my grandma's chili recipe simmering in the crockpot all day.. or turn the TV off and let my soul be nourished in His Word. 

I want to be available and open to God's plan for my every day. And I can't do that if my own schedule is full of things to keep myself busy. I am learning the art of slow living, of taking every moment captive, of taking little "snapshots" in my mind of the blessings around me that God has specifically given to me to enjoy and praise Him for. 

Because that's what this life is about. And if we miss that, we miss out on Him. We miss out on life all together. Instagram or Facebook will always be around. Our families won't. Blogging can wait. Housework or hobbies that get in the way of enjoying your people can wait! Time doesn't wait for us. And we only have so much left. I'm choosing to savor and relish it in this gift.  


  1. This is something I've been thinking a lot about recently! Thanks for sharing this perspective.


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