Friday, February 5, 2016

Tips on Rebranding, Getting Focused, + Starting Fresh!

A few months ago, I completely rebranded my blog. I used to blog at "Hot Tea and the Empty Seat" but I wanted to get more focused and inspired, so I started Life Encouraged, a place to encourage and be real. I have so many dreams for this space but for now, I'm taking it one day at a time (and sometimes a week at a time when I am organized enough to schedule posts!).
Audrey White of Whimsy & Co. designed my new look and let me just say that she is amazing! My new blog turned out to be better than I could of ever imagined. 
I wanted to share a bit of the process with you in case you are in the process of rebranding or thinking about it. Go for it! It's the best thing I've done for my blog!
1. I chose a designer whose style, cost, and personality fit my own. I made a list of things I wanted for my blog design and went from there. My list looked a bit like this: clean, white space, professional looking yet still cozy and welcoming with soft colors and a pop of inspiration.
2. I wrote a manifesto to get myself focused on what I wanted this blog to look like. I want to encourage women in all stages of life to live fully and freely in my writing and blogging endeavors.
3. I searched for inspiration through Pinterest and other successful purpose-driven blogs that I look up to like Coffee + Crumbs, Love Taza, and many others.
4. I prayed that God would use my little blog to ultimately inspire, encourage, and point others to Him!
After these things, Audrey and I got to work (well, she did all the work but I researched and planned like a crazy person!)
This is the inspiration board she made for my blog and I fell in love...
A week or two later, she sent me headers to choose from and I chose this one...
This is my mission statement for this blog (a great way to stay focused on your blog!)
Aren't they just perfection?! I absolutely love everything about my new blog design and that makes a huge difference in my motivation and inspiration to write my heart out.
I hope those few simple tips can help you get started with your own rebrand!



  1. LOVE IT! :) I love your inspiration and encouragement and everything that you and your blog stand for. Great work Katie :)

  2. Love this. I want to do something similar, but I'm slow at it right now. I want to get back to writing consistently before i do anything big!

  3. Love it! And the best part is that you love it and are excited about it which means you will go far with it!

  4. Awesomesauce! I love your new look! Ben & I plan on rebranding our blog at some point this year too! I can't wait! Thanks for the tips sweet friend! :)

  5. Your blog design is lovely! I also really love what your blog stands for. Awesome work, Katie!

  6. Nice tips, I recently started rebranding well more like adding a lifestyle portion to my fitness blog it has gone quite well, these are great tips also.

  7. I love your mission and the mood board is gorgeous!

  8. What a blessing to so many people! Love your mission statement.


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