Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Five Ways to Include Your Man in Your Pregnancy

I've been so blessed and even a bit spoiled since becoming pregnant because Joe has been so so involved in this pregnancy. We found out that I was pregnant together. When I was sick and in the hospital (three times) at the beginning, he was by my side. When I was nervous and scared of labor before learning so much about it, he was by my side. Through every joy and celebration, he's been by my side. Through every contraction and back pain and every false labor pain, he was by my side. I wanted to share a few ways that he has been involved in this pregnancy!
Learn Together 
My husband and I have been reading and studying the Bradley Method (husband coached childbirth) Handbook and Study Guide together for a few months now. Anytime I'm reading about what to expect in labor and delivery or just pregnancy in general, I always tell him about it. I'm sure he has learned a ton! Sometimes we lay in bed and read about what to expect or study different methods of child birth. Getting your husband involved in learning about pregnancy and the birthing process is a perfect way to making him feel included in your pregnancy. I couldn't do it without my husband!  

Have a Co-Ed Baby Shower
This is an awesome and fun way to get your husband involved in your pregnancy. It's not just your baby so why not celebrate together?! I understand that some guys aren't about baby showers but it doesn't have to be all pink and girly (even though ours was and my husband still loved being there) and you don't have to make him change a baby doll in front of 30 people. This made is really real that we were having a baby!
Take Him to the Doctor with You
I'm so blessed to say that my husband has been able to come to all of my doctor's appointments. Of course, your husband may have to work but if it's possible, asking him to come to at least one with you will help him see that this is real and I'm sure he would love being there supporting you!
Go Baby Shopping Together
This is SO fun and I couldn't imagine baby shopping without my husband. I love, love, love going with my mom and sister but it's so special when Joe comes along because seeing him get excited over tiny baby girl clothes or strollers just makes my heart grow ten times bigger. We have made this into a fun date night which is great for our marriage as well!
Encourage Him to Talk to and Feel the Baby
Joe LOVES doing this and actually, Josie will only respond to his touch or voice and I think that's just precious. All he has to do is get close to my belly and say "Josieee, what are you doin' in there?" And she starts kicking and hitting like crazy. It's so special. I know she is already a daddy's girl. Remembering that while you are carrying and growing that sweet baby, you couldn't of done it without your man!
Let Him be a Special Part of the Birthing Process
Of course you don't have to make him deliver the baby (but totally should if he wants to!) but asking him if he wants to cut the cord or hold her/him as soon as possible or massage and help you throughout labor will be something you won't regret. I hear so much talk about how special the bond between baby and mom is which I'm sure is completely true but I know that there is a bond between a father and his child that is like no other as well. Treasure that!
I'm so thankful to be in this season of life with Joe by my side. I know that he is going to be the best birth coach and partner I could ever imagine! I couldn't do it without him.  

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  1. Camden will kick my randomly throughout the day, but as soon as Nathan gets home/starts talking he absolutely goes NUTS! I agree, it's absolutely one of the coolest things to experience!


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