Wednesday, January 6, 2016


I love the start of a new year. There is something about the refreshment that it brings. Normally, around this time, I decide to get active again. But I'm 8 months preggo and that ain't happenin'. I can barely muster up enough energy to make myself lunch. (Insert hilarious laughing face here...)
Since this is a brand new, rebranded blog with a fresh focus, I thought it would be perfect to reintroduce myself! I ADORE reading about the women behind the blogs that I so love to follow. I hope you do too!
First and foremost, I love and follow Jesus. He changed my life completely when I was around 18 and I haven't looked back since!
I've always enjoyed...
being creative,
being outdoors,
reading good books,
eating delicious food,
laughing hysterically and way too loud,
being in the sunshine,
drinking hot cocoa in the winter,
walking through Central Park in the snow with my husband,
traveling to new places and old,
drinking coffee in a quaint little shop with a friend,
enjoying morning devotions with the rising sun,
spending time with family,
photographing any and everything,
and so many other things!
I dream of...
the future,
being an interior designer,
being a full time overseas missionary with my little family,
owning a farm,
being an author,
living by the beach,
being a mom (happening in February!),
living my own fairy tale (started July 20th when I married my prince!),
living a life that encourages others.
I love...
+ my husband whom I married July 20th, 2013,
+ Jesus who saved me and changed my life,  
+  encouraging others to live life freely and joyfully everyday through Him,
+ our little Josie Kate who is due to make her appearance into the world on my birthday this year, February 27th!
Joe and I met through a mutual friend at the end of 2012 and by February of 2013, we were engaged in the Bahamas! That July, we married! It was the best day ever!
I am a...
Jesus follower
Momma to be
Sister to seven
Professional Photographer
Siberian Retriever Mom (her name is Penny and she is SPOILED)
Youth leader at our local church
natural introvert who sometimes acts like an extrovert
lover of PJs and blankets
lover of sweet tea and coffee and watermelon and okay, I love food
 I hope you enjoyed learning just a tad bit more about me! Now, it's your turn... what do you put in your coffee and what is your favorite pastime? Let's be friends!


  1. So fun! It's been awhile since I read your blog - I didn't know you were expecting, congrats! So exciting :) I'm two years in and it's one of the best things I've ever done. Best to you in this new season :)

    1. :) thats awesome to hear!! Thank you girl! We are so excited. And ready for her to be here!!

  2. Oh I love this post! I, too, love reading about the person behind the words :) so happy for you and all your blessings. May God continue to bless you and your family <3 I'd love to create a post like this too - since I just started my blog up again recently.

    Thanks for sharing and I can't wait to read more!


    1. Thank you friend for stopping by! :) yes you should!! Let me know if you end up writing one.. Congrats on starting your blog back!!

  3. At home I either drink black coffee from our French Press or I put the Coffemate cinnamon-vanilla creamer in coffee I make through our Keurig. At a coffee shop, I tend to get a latte or americano with skim milk and sprinkle cinnamon on the foam. Cinnamon & coffee are a dream team in my mind!

    My favorite past-time is curling up with a good book I can get lost in, but in college I loved to color as a break from studying! This year I'm hoping to take up crochet & calligraphy.

    With your dream of being an author (something I share!), what genre are you hoping to dive into? I always love hearing which demographic people feel called to speak to!

    1. We have so many things in common! I started calligraphy last year and am just now continuing in it!
      I want to write women's devotions! :) what about you?!

  4. I love learning new things about my favorite bloggers. I also love how much you love your hubby! As for me...I like my creamer with a splash of coffee. HA! My coffee is more like a dessert. My favorite past time are all the summer vacations we take as a family. So many memories.

    1. Family vacas are the best. I bet they are so special with kids!!!
      And I too love my creamer with a bit of coffee ;) twins!

  5. Sister to 7!? I'm guessing you had plenty of gals to borrow or snatch clothes from growing up? ;-)

    1. Well maybe I should have been more specific.. Haha! I'm a sister to 7 siblings (2 boys) and all the girls are
      Younger than me so I never had any clothes to share but now my 15 year old sister is taller than I am so
      I steal her clothes. Haha!!!

    2. LOL! Yeah sharing clothes with younger sisters is tricker, my sister was 5 years younger than me:)

  6. Found you through the link-up. LOVE the name Josie Kate! Congratulations on becoming a Mommy - there's nothing better!

    1. :) thank you so much friend!! Thanks for stopping by! :)
      I can't wait for her to get here.. I've always wanted to be a mom!!

  7. Usually I've got NY peppermint patty or Peppermint Mocha creamer in my coffee unless it's fall then it's Pumpkin Spice. My favorite pastime is a toss-up between reading and writing :)

    1. oh yes! twins! I love both of those creamers. and I love writing!!

  8. I loveeeee sugar free peppermint mocha creamer, and I'm a writer - both professionally and for my personal life!


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