Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday Faves - Mom Edition


+ I shared an update of my pregnancy with Josie this week (34 weeks, woot!) which included a maternity sneak peek photo + all the "fun" side effects of the third trimester!

+ This week, I opened up my heart and shared my fears + excitements about welcoming our first baby into our family. Am I the only one afraid of minivans, mom jeans, & all the scary pains of birth?

+ This week, through Pinterest, I found The Glow which is like a fun online magazine full of inspiring moms & their precious kids. It's a good blog to check out when you are in need of inspiration + fashion advice.

+ My husband and I are going through the Bradley Method (husband as the birth coach!) and I love reading these birth stories and getting pumped up about Josie's upcoming birth day. If you've ever done the Bradley Method or went medicine-free, I want all the details!!!

+ Have you checked out these prayers to pray during your pregnancy? I hope it's encouraging to you!



  1. Oh I love the quote at the end....heart melted. oh so true!

  2. Bradley Method is awesome! You sound well prepared for your sweet pea to arrive! Well, once it's her time!


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