Wednesday, December 2, 2015

What's In My Purse?

Believe it or not, I have never made a "what's in my purse?" post! I see them on a lot of my favorite blogs so I thought it would be fun to post my own! My mint purse was a Christmas gift from my mom from Target (I totally picked it out and sent her a photo of it). Normally, I'm a backpack or big bag person, but I love this classy little thing and it actually fits a lot more than you would think.
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I have my Clinique mascara for those days when I totally forget to add it or need to touch it up. I have a glossy colored lip balm from Loreal (240/pink me up) + my all time favorite perfume ever made. It's called "go be lovely" and it's from my all time favorite store, Anthropology. It seriously smells like bliss, if bliss has a scent ;)
Aaaand I just looked up the perfume and it's not even available for purchase anymore. Excuse me while I go cry.
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 Of course, my wallet. It was $5 from an online mom's resale page (best thing ever). I carry all of my gift cards from past Christmases and birthdays (I kinda love giftcards, wink) and all of my important things like my debit card and the occasional $5. Haha.
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In case I get the munchies or need a pick me up, I have my trusty Advocare Bars + energy drink water mixes. They are seriously the best. My favorite Spark drink mix is watermelon (so yummy) but I also love the grape flavored and the pink lemonade mix with my lunch. They don't give me a caffeine high + crash like coffee and they're pregnancy safe so I've been loving all the extra energy! The bars are great for on the go while I am grocery shopping or out and about in town because nowadays, I am always hungry and they are so filling!  
(I was given these products by Jessie, an awesome Advocare rep, to review but these are 100% my own opinions. I really do love Advocare's products! If you want to check out their products, just click here.)
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 I'm not really sure how my necklaces get into my purse but they're always there! I wear the teal one with bright outfits, normally in the summer and spring time, and you can always find me wearing the other necklace with plaid and stripes or a loose tee and skinnies! They're both from Forever21 and I just adore them.
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 Can you tell I'm pregnant? Haha! I'm now experiencing all the aches and pains that late term pregnancy so graciously offers along with the sniffles that I've had the entire pregnancy. I'm so afraid of getting the flu this year so I have been taking Airborne which I hope has been helping protect my already low immune system! And of course, my prenatal gummies... because the pills are just boring. I love this exact brand because they actually taste delish therefore I don't forget to take them!
Do you have any essential items that are with you wherever you go?

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  1. Those necklaces are GORGEOUS! & I want your purse! :P


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