Monday, November 9, 2015

His Love is All I Need

I always want to share what God is teaching me but lately, it's been so many things that it's so hard to get them out of my mind and heart onto "paper" so I just don't even try. But I want to be open + encouraging on this blog, and sometimes that means not having the perfectly articulated post ever. These are just my heart's word spilled onto this screen... overflowing words of thanksgiving and overwhelming feelings of an amazing, personal God.
To sum up everything into one little sentence...God has been showing me His love. In ways that I've never experienced. It isn't anything that I've been doing right and it hasn't been an outcome of some 5-step process. I've just laid my messy, sinful, idol-prone, weak heart at His throne of grace and He has been growing in me a love for Him through Him showing me how amazing He is.
This verse has been on my mind for over a month:
You have said, “Seek my face.” My heart says to you, “Your face, LORD, do I seek.”
 Psalm 27:8
It's so beautiful. So simple. Yet so heart changing, so life altering, so self wrecking.
I shared here that God revealed to me that I have been focused on seeking His hand, what He can give me. When really, to grow closer to Him, to know HIM better, I must seek His face. And He proves faithful everyday.

True heart change and growth comes from seeking the face of Jesus.
When I seek the face of God, I find grace for my sin, truth for the lies I have believed my entire life, strength for my weakness... I find Jesus. My Savior.
"God is worthy to be sought." Do you believe that? Those words hit me hard when I first heard them while watching a simulcast on worship based prayer one Saturday morning while eat donuts with our church fam & my hubby. GOD is WORTHY to be SOUGHT. I had to say it over and over so it would stick in my head. I seek God because He loves me and I love him. He is worthy because He willingly hung on a cross to ransom me and the rest of the sinful world for all of history.
He is a good God. He is the only God. He made a way from before time began because He wants to be with us. He loves us. Man, that is just amazing.
God, who is in need or nothing or no one, desires to be with me. And you. In personal relationship that HE made possible through Jesus. That is the Gospel. That is love.
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