Friday, November 20, 2015

Four Reasons Why I am Rebranding + Starting Fresh!

“I knew that I couldn’t keep blogging with heart unless I was proud of the space I was creating – it needed to be authentic, no ifs or buts."
 - Jody from Practicing Simplicity
Writing + blogging is one of my passions in life. I've always had dreams of being an author since I could remember. I've always loved to write, no matter what I'm writing about. I also love sharing what God is teaching me in my life which is why I started this blog 3+ years ago. I was sitting in my favorite coffee shop after my quiet time and decided.. I'm gonna start a blog! Since then, I've went from 2 readers (my mom and mom-in-law) to all of you! I've found awesome blogging groups and dear friends who I'm so grateful to know.
I love change and I think this blog is in great need of change with the design and the name and a few other things. I think that it's time to rebrand and start fresh.
Four Reasons I am Rebranding + Starting Fresh...
1. I want to grow.  Like I said earlier, I have dreams of being an author and I feel like this is my first step of faith into that dream! I haven't bought a blog domain name while being in this space on Blogger because I wasn't making any money on my blog but now I realize that it's okay to spend $9 a year in order to grow.
2. I want to be organized. Go big or go home, right? While I'm getting organized, I might as well change everything about my blog! Call me crazy but I'm excited!
3. I finally found my "niche".  My heart is fueled by encouragement and encouraging others. I want that to be the theme of this space. Whether it's about faith, marriage, life lessons, family stories and snapshots, I want the purpose to be to encourage. I want my blog to be easily understood just by reading the blog name. While Hot Tea and the Empty Seat is dear to my heart, it really doesn't tell the reader much about my blog or the heart behind it. Plus, it's so long! I think it's important to have a clear and easy to remember blog name. Oh, the things I'm learning!
4. I want this to be an inviting space. The design of a blog is major for me. If it's warm and inviting, I'll stay. If it's organized and clean and lovely, I'll follow. I just think there is so much to a blog design! It really tells a story along with your content. I don't want my readers spending five minutes trying to find a category or a post from last month. I want you to love coming here and come over more often... maybe even invite a friend or two.
I will be sharing our new blog name the day before the design is live on the blog! I'm so excited for this adventure and I hope it'll encourage you and help you in your own adventure!

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