Monday, November 23, 2015

Five Blogs I Love

Jordyn is authentic, a lover of Jesus, and the sweetest little mama. Her words are real and encouraging. She is one of my favorites! 

This lady is my all time favorite "mommy blogger". Elise is the sweetest person ever, making you feel like her bff and her family is just the sweetest. She also love Jesus and has rockin' awesome home decor. 

Bailey Jean is such a creative. Her blog is so bright, inspiring, and just overall gorgeous. Her bible journaling and art make my day and whenever I need a little inspiration, I head over to her blog! 

Tawni is one of the newest blogs I have started following. She puts her heart into each post and is so passionate about growing in the Lord and does it in creative ways. Her blog design is so unique and lovely and I think anyone would love her! 

I consider Faith one of my real blogging friends. She is so kind and sweet and I just love her blog. She is passionate about godly marriage + loves reading so I'm always learning about all of the books I'm missing out on. You should definitely go check out her blog! 

Do you follow any of these blogs? Or what are your favorite blogs to read?

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