Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Currently // Sweet, Sweet Season

I miss being active on this blog of mine so I am going to share what has been going on lately! I've had photo-shoots nearly everyday, enjoying the beautiful fall weather, anticipating Christmas, spending time with my hubby, and getting ready for our baby GIRL!
COOKING| Anything + Everything healthy. Joe and I have been eating healthier and I'm trying the whole vegan thing. It's been fun so far and I'm excited to be overall healthier. We aren't 100% strict but slowly, we're integrating better eating habits into our daily! I'm loving this website lately!
PLANNING | We had our fall-themed gender reveal party at the end of Oct. (photos coming soon!) and we revealed.. it's a girl! So I have been planning all things pink! We registered for our shower this week and today, I am designing the baby shower invites!

SMELLING | So many candles. I've been burning four different candles all throughout the house. It's so lovely! Currently, I'm loving this candle.

APPRECIATING | My husband has always been a huge help in my life but especially since being pregnant, he is just superman. I couldn't imagine a more supportive, sensitive, helpful, and sweet man! I'm always so thankful for him!

ANTICIPATING | The holidays, of course! I can't wait to start Christmas shopping! Before Christmas, we are celebrating two birthdays and a baby shower so it's going to be the busiest holiday season yet! Also, we are getting super excited to meet our sweet girl. Less than four months to go! She has been kicking like crazy; I love feeling her! 

What have you been up to currently?
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