Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Five Ways to Restore Your R+R


Some days are just more stressful than others. But if I am intentional about my actions, even those bad days can end up to be great ones. Here are a few ways I like to restore my rest + relaxation. Enjoy and Happy Fall y'all!
1. Start Your Morning Off Right // Instead of turning to social media or checking emails while you're still in bed (which I am so guilty of), thank God for the day and ask Him to guide your steps so that the day will not be wasted. Pour  yourself a mug full of hot mint tea or a nice cup of coffee. Spend some time in prayer and thanksgiving. Read a Psalm or two. Turn on Pandora. Go for a walk. All of these simple things make my morning special and end up turning my day into a great one all because of my perspective.
2. Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa // Sometimes, I like to shut the bathroom door and turn on the shower for a minute before getting in. It turns my bathroom into a sauna and really helps my muscles relax. I love lighting a candle 30 minutes before as well. If you're a bath kind of gal, throw 5-10 green tea bags into your hot bath water. It'll detox your body and I think it smells great!  Lately, I've been battling a cold and this always helps to clear out my head. I love listening to worship music while I get ready for the day. It helps me stay focused on Him, which in return keeps me in peace and joy.
3. Breath Out the Stress // Some days, I can get overwhelmed quickly. Whether you're a student, have a job, or are a stay at home mom, circumstances really try to steal your joy making it hard to be relaxed and happy during the day. But you don't have to let your circumstances effect your mood! It's definitely possible to stay at peace. I know that I can't do it on my own so in those tense or frustrating moments, I simply go to God. After going to God, it helps me calm down, knowing that He is in control and He is taking care of me. It's nice to sit down for a minute and turn your attention to someone else. Write a letter to your friend in another state, call your family, text that friend who is going through something, tell your husband how much you love him, hug your child... all of these things help so much!
4. Unplug for the Evening // In a culture where we have everything at our fingertips, it's nice to just put it all away for an evening or two. Putting away phones, laptops, tablets, television, and other things that get in the way of our most important relationships can do so much good for our minds and our souls. Getting out in God's nature is so vital for me. It really clears my mind and helps me to be grateful for what this life is really all about. Sometimes the simple life is the stress-less life.
5. Smell the Flowers // As you're brushing your teeth and getting ready for bed, try a new facial out. I love mixing honey and brown sugar as a sweet treat for my face. After crawling into bed, dab some lavender oil on your pillow and on the bottoms of your feet. This will help you sleep oh so good. I used to do it every night for a year before getting pregnant. I slept deeper and woke up more refreshed!
Do you have any secrets for your own R&R? I would love to hear them!

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