Friday, October 9, 2015

A joyful home // one room challenge!

I wrote earlier in the week about how I am preparing to declutter and organize my home once and for all before baby enters the world. We have many projects that we cannot wait to start on and get done but it can be so overwhelming! I found out through Elise's blog that there is a One Room Challenge going on this fall! I knew I had to jump right in!
I'm starting with our office, which is the WORST room in the house by a long shot. It will eventually be the baby's room come February so we have a task on our hands. The office is our "catch all" room. Every piece of our camping equipment is in this tiny room along with two side tables, a huge desk, a book shelf, and all of my books, papers, and camera equipment. It's one of two rooms that don't get used often (the other being the guest room which is clean as a whistle).
It's scary, y'all. But for the sake of motivation and seeing an awesome change, here are the BEFORE photos: 
And this is how we want it to look in less than 5 months:
If it's a boy...
If it's a girl...

We can't wait to get this room in order + reveal baby's nursery soon! 

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