Thursday, September 3, 2015

My Heart Behind this Blog // Sept. 3rd.

Thursday, Sept. 3: Create a collage or inspiration/mood board that describes your blog.
I love pictures and words, as I said on Day One, so I knew I would love this prompt! My blog is a little bit of everything. From marriage and faith to the occasional recipe to photos of my life lately, this blog is a little slice of yours truly!
Hot Tea and the Empty Seat was inspired while sitting in a coffee shop during a quiet time with God.
Long story short, I realized that Jesus is with me everywhere I go even across the table in the empty seat as I sit at His feet reading His Word, hot tea in hand (specifically African sunset red tea.. yum!)
1//     2//     3//     4//
All four of these photos describe my heart which is what I hope you see on this blog.
// I love encouraging others + helping them know that they are loved, by me but more importantly by the Creator of the universe!
// I love adventuring with my husband whether that is on a roadtrip or trying to climb the mountains of life together. He is my love and my best friend.
// I love everything creative. You'll see more of this in the future. Bright colors, paint, and words intrigue me and bring me into my happy place.
// I could literally spend 24/7 in God's Word. It's my soul's home. I cannot wait to see Jesus, my Savior, face to face one day!
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