Saturday, September 12, 2015

Currently! // Sept. 12th

How is it September 12th already?! Today's prompt is what we are up to currently! I think this is my favorite currently list I've ever made! 

Reading... in my new ESV journaling bible! 

Playing... vertical church band on repeat 
Watching... random movies after dinner with the hubs
Trying...  out advertising on my blog for the first time!
Cooking... this delicious homemade pumpkin spice creamer recipe
Doing today... shooting a wedding today! 

Eating... lots of yummy crock-pot dinner lately 
Drinking... coffee made with my homemade psl ;)
Pinning... Everything baby related! 
Going... to Cali + another beach oh so soon! 
Loving... everything autumn 

Hating... not having alot of energy somedays
Discovering... how easy it is to organize my home (I'm a procrastinator!)
Thinking... about how awesome my husband is + that new baby arriving in Feb.! 
Feeling... better each and everyday. thank you, second trimester!
Hoping (for)... Fall weather to get here ASAP

Celebrating... our gender reveal next month!!
Smelling... the pumpkin bliss candle on my kitchen table 
Ordering... camping gear! shoes, hammocks, you name it!

Thanking... God for His amazing grace and love!!!

Deciding... on baby names! i think we definitely have a boy name that we LOVE
Starting... our yearly budget back up after about a year off, so excited! 
Anticipating... last vacations, Fall, Christmas, all the baby-related parties, & finding out if baby K is a girl or boy! 

What are YOU up to currently?

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