Thursday, September 10, 2015

Bucketlist // Sept. 10th

Thursday, Sept. 10: 10 items off your bucket list. If you haven't made one, now's a good time to start!
Today, I am linking up again with Bailey Jean for Blog-tember. I skipped yesterday because I was SO busy! This one was fun + I can't wait to see what all of you have written about.
Here are the top ten items on my bucket list:
1. Visit Australia
2. Visit Iceland
3. Visit New Zealand
4. Have a Baby +2 or 3  
5. Open up a creative online shop
6. Build our dream home on a big plot of land
7. Learn a new language and become fluent in it
8. Write a book or two
9. Run a ton of marathons and be in really good shape overall
10. Learn how to sew quilts + can foods
I feel like all of my goals are pretty attainable! And thankfully, I am in the process of crossing #4 off my list since I'm pregnant. Almost halfway there, haha!
What is on  your bucketlist? Did you do anything memorable this summer?

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