Wednesday, September 2, 2015

best day ever // sept. 2nd

today's prompt for blog-tember is to describe the ideal day.

the day is Saturday because it's the only day of the week my hubby + I can sleep in together. I mean I sleep in every day of the week because I'm pregnant and am totally milking it for all it's worth before sleep is nonexistent.

we wake up to the smell of bacon and eggs, biscuits, fruit, and more bacon. we're at a bed + breakfast on the beach in the virgin islands or Hawaii (I just can't decide). we eat breakfast down by the sea with our bibles in hand around 11 because sleep is good.

we drive around the old historic beach town for an hour or two and then decide to eat because, hello, we love food.

for lunch, we eat at an authentic seafood joint where the fresh is caught that morning and the pineapple and coconut is delish.

we're lazy. then we go shopping at one of those boardwalk outlet malls with anthropology and find dresses + outfits for $5 (obviously this is ideal and not realistic). then we ride our bikes around the quiet town in the 75 degree weather and enjoy the sound of the birds chirping.

then we listen to some live music on the beach again before sunset. oh, it just so happens that we are the only people on the beach all day. ahh, that would be nice.
we get an awesome tan and then go do something fun like go swim with dolphins and have a photoshoot for fun.
then we go eat again, (can you tell i'm hungry?) at another seafood place on the beach and drink some pina coladas on our beach cabana while we snooze off to sleep for a late afternoon nap.
lastly, we get back to our beachfront b+b where our families are vacationing too and play cards and laugh and have fun then hit the hay.
And that, my friends, is my ideal day. Seriously, now I want to go to the beach.
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