Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Introduction to Me! // Sept. 1st

Hey there!

HAPPY SEPTEMBER! In my mind, it's officially fall. We will see if the weather cooperates. Also, today starts day one of Brave Love Blog's genuis idea...The 2015 Blog-tember Challenge. Today for day one of this challenge, we are introducing ourselves and I thought this was perfect for all of the new friends that we will meet through this month-long link up. And it's also a great refresher for friends who have been reading Hot Tea and the Empty Seat for a while. I love photos and words so that is how I'm going to introduce myself! I would love it if you commented afterwards and introduced yourself as well as your blog url. I love new friends! 


Above are just a few fun things that I enjoy or that describe me...

I also love being with friends and family

I absolutely adore the fall (#psl) and Christmas time

I own a photography business and love it

I'm pregnant with our first baby who is due on my bday!

I'm a Jesus follower and am super passionate about loving and serving others in Jesus' name

I'm 5'0 and my husband is 6'4.. definitely hoping baby gets dad's height if it's a boy ;)

I've been blogging since 2012 but have been writing my whole life (okay, since kindergarten)

I have a big secret project I'm working on that I can't wait to share with the world!

I struggle with mild anxiety but am learning what it means to truly trust God with my life

I have so many strange and loud laughs but I embrace it. My husband says one sounds like Squidward. #owningit.

My husband and I love life together and we love eating food and watching good  Disney movies

I love to window-shop.   j.crew all the way.

I have no idea when to stop writing random things about me ;) 

how are we alike? how are we different? let's be friends! 

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