Monday, September 28, 2015

A Day in the Life // Sept. 28th

Monday, Sept. 28: A day in the life. Take us through it with you.
My life is so glamorous that sometimes, I don't even need to get out of my PJs. ;) Today is one of those days. I was sick and in the hospital last week so the house was left to fend for itself for a week. Today, an overcast Monday, I clean clean clean. Normally, though, it looks a little like this....
Around 7, Joe kisses me goodbye and he is off to work. Before being preggo, I would normally wake up with him and make him breakfast but now, I sleep in until around 9. Because one day sleeping in will be a thing of the past so I am enjoying it while I can!
I get up, let Penny outside to play, and start some breakfast. If I have energy, it's bacon and eggs but normally it's a quick fruit smoothie and some granola. Before starting my quiet time, I like to start a load of laundry and the dishes. Otherwise, I won't do it, hehe. Then I start on my quiet time/bible study. Right now, I'm going through She Reads Truth's Women of the Word: OT study and I'm about to start a book called "Idol Lies" with some ladies from church.
Then, I do any blogging stuff or photography editing for about an hour. I would probably have another meal... I love food... and then vacuum or something around the house while I decide what to do for dinner. I always have the best intentions of making a home cooked meal but sometimes we are so busy during the afternoons that we end up eating out in town. Starting this week, though, it is dinner at home. I'm excited for all the yummy fall comfort food!  
One thing I love about my life right now, is that my hubby comes home around 2 (sometimes 5) everyday and we always have the most fun. On everyday of the week besides Wednesdays (youth group!), we go downtown or to the park or we go on a hike or shop around town. We always do things that involve food and fun. I love marriage with this guy! He is the best.
Once the baby comes, things may be a little different but we are still going to enjoy life as a party of 4 (can't forget Penny!). I won't get to sleep in or sit at a coffee shop for an hour, but I will still be around the ones I love most! All while serving a good and awesome God.
And that is, in my opinion, the good life.

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