Thursday, August 20, 2015

My First Trimester Review

The day has come that I thought never would! Our first trimester is in the books! It was a hard one, y'all. Most days I wondered if this would be my first and last pregnancy, haha! Here is a quick rundown because if you love reading preggo stories as much as I do, you're in for a treat. I've always wanted to document each and every moment and step in my pregnancy for us and our families and friends to look back on. At a few points in my life, I was scared that I wouldn't be able to ever have children so I'm thankful that God blessed us. He is able.


How We Found Out
     I was four days late (which isn't normal) so we decided that we would finally take a test. I think Joe and I both didn't want to get our hopes up but we ended up only being able to wait for four days, haha. While he was at work, I bought two packages of pregnancy tests at Target and waited a couple hours for him to get off of work so that we could find out together! That was a must. He got home and found me in the bathroom waiting for him, I was so anxious! Finally, I went to the bathroom and almost as soon as I... well, peed, two pink lines popped up. It was so quick! I almost threw up I was so surprised. We tried out three more sticks and they all said "pregnant!" We cried and cried and laughed and jumped up and down. Joe said that he knew I was pregnant and actually prayed for us and the baby that morning while in the shower. So sweet! It was actually perfect timing because that next Monday (it was a Thursday in early June) I was scheduled for a new-patient visit to a new OB-GYN because I hadn't found one that I loved yet. The next morning, I called into the office to tell them to change my new patient appointment to a prenatal visit! Three or four weeks after the first appointment, we got to see our baby and hear it's heartbeat for the very first time! The heartbeat was loud and clear which was what I was praying for even though baby was so tiny. At seven weeks, that tiny little human was as real as I am. A precious life. We were both estatic. Joe and I went through a hard time physically for a year and a half so when we found out we were pregnant, it was a miracle! God is faithful. That night, we celebrated with dinner and ice cream downtown at our favorite places.

The Weeks to Come..
     We found out when we were only 5 weeks pregnant so I had a full week of excitement before the sickness hit. And it hit hard. I will spare you from the gruesome details so let's just say I couldn't move without getting sick, eat crackers or drink water or ginger ale without throwing up. I was so sick that I became dehydrated which is scary for me considering I only have one kidney. I was able to get fluids through an IV two days in a row at the hospital and that helped some but without taking my medicine four times a day, I was sick. Thank God that around week 9, I started throwing up less and less. Today, at week 13, it's been over two week since I've gotten super sick. I am finally getting my appetite back and my energy is slowly returning. I am so thankful to God for keeping the baby growing strong while I was so sick. My husband was my life-saver during this time. He helped me with everything and didn't complain once. He is the best husband ever. Our church family brought tons of food so that we could survive and my mom, sister, and mother in law both came to visit and keep me company. So thankful.

     We told our families all in the same weekend. Around 6 weeks, we went home for Joe's birthday. We planned on having a party for him at my parents house and his parents were coming too. It was the perfect time to tell everyone. The week before, Joe and I bought a onesie for him to unwrap and open on his "birthday party" with our families watching. I got it all on camera and their reactions were priceless. Joe's mom was the first to speak up as they all stared at the newborn onesie in amazement. "you're kidding me!" then my stepdad said.. "so we're having a baby!?" Then my mom starts bawling and my sister starts jumping around the house screaming. Haha! My brother was in NYC at the time so we immediately FaceTimed him and he cried as well... in the middle of a subway, haha! My dad was in Disney so we had to wait until Sunday to tell them. I bought him a late-ish fathers day gift that was a tumbler that said "world's best grandpa". I think it took a minute to sink in that it wasn't a misprint but later on, my stepmom said he shed a tear ;) They were so excited! And my three sisters were ready to be aunts! We absolutely loved sharing those moments with the people we love most. God is so good.
   Since Joe and I both moved away from "home", we were excited to announce it on Facebook where all our family and friends could see! But I will admit that we told most of our closest friends from church weeks before because we just couldn't keep it a secret!

    Baby: is healthy so far and is growing at a perfect, normal rate. Last week, we heard the heartbeat again and even heard a little kick. Baby's heartbeat was 164 which makes me think GIRL but we will see! We have about a month until we will know. Baby is due on my birthday, 2/27/16! I have a running list on my iPhone of everyone's gender guesses. It's actually a tie right now! Whether it's a prince or princess, we don't mind! We know that God has already created a wonderful future for this little baby. By 13 weeks (this Friday), baby will be the size of a peach! I love peaches ;)
We may finally have some ideas on some names... yay!

Mommy: is super emotional and cries at least once every two days. I do not crave sugary foods at this point but have started to eat and enjoy them. I still can't smell or stomach coffee or sweet tea (two of my used to be favorite drinks).  But I hope that changes by the time my loved pumpkin spice latte rolls into town. I love anything that contains bread or something savory. I still don't have any energy to work out but my plan was to start at the beginning of the second trimester so this week we shall start. (didn't happen.. Joe and I both have a stomach virus.. yay.) I firmly believe that the more you exercise, the better labor will be. Now if I can just get up...

Daddy: is super excited and so helpful. He had a dream a few nights ago that baby k was a girl and decided he was excited for either! He has been team boy all the way. He's gonna be happy either way!
If I am organized enough, I will be documenting every two weeks or so. Fingers crossed! :)
We are praying for a strong and joyful baby. Thank you Jesus!
"I prayed for this child, and the LORD has granted me what I asked of him."
-1 Samuel 1:27

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