Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday Favorites!

It's been such a long time since I have participated in a linkup, but after reading a blog post on blogging community, I knew I had to jump back in! This is my first time linking up with Momfessionals for her Friday Favorites. I always love reading other's posts about their life lately so it's going to be great meeting other bloggers!
1. Baby K is the size of a lemon today!
A couple weeks ago, I announced the Feb. 2016 arrival of our first baby! This week, I shared my First Trimester Review which was so encouraging simply knowing that that crazy first trimester is over. Today marks day 1 of week 14! Some days I forget I'm preggo and some days, I'm as sick as a dog. But we can feel baby kicking and swirling around at night if I'm super still. Can't wait for more kicks in the future!
2. The Cat is still in the bag...
I have been working hard this week on my "secret" that is in the works/wee early stages but I'm so excited that my dream-for-forever is finally becoming a reality. Stay tuned!! I promise you won't be disappointed ;)
3. This Blog Post.
Community within the Blogging World was such an encouragement! Not to mention, this recent post by Emily of Ember Grey is packed full of ways to get connected to this awesome community of blogging women. Also, if you haven't heard of the Peony Project and you are a blogger/writer/lover of blogging, go check it out on Facebook! It's a Christ-based community of women bloggers and it will rock your socks off.
4. Sunshine come my way!
In just a bit, my hubby + I will be enjoying this is sunny California! Favorite things to do in San Diego... go!
5. Give me Jesus!
This week, I've written about finding purpose in not just your business but in all areas of your life. Have you asked yourself these questions? Also, I shared some September goals. This is my first time ever sharing goals since they are so scary to me but I'm learning to conquer them! Also, I'm memorizing monthly scripture. Join me?
What have you been up to lately? Any Friday favorites for you?

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