Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Our First Reader Survey!

Hey friends! I love being present here at this blog, Hot Tea and the Empty Seat, and sharing what God is teaching me and little bits of my life with you all. This blog started years ago over hot tea in a coffee shop when Jesus spoke to my heart about writing for His glory. And at some point last year, I completely started over my site and moved URLs which brings us right here! I have been writing since I could remember so I am so grateful for every person who reads this blog of mine! God has surely blessed it and I love that it is slowly growing into something more. I pray that I will never lose focus of the purpose of this blog and my life in general:
 the glory of God. 
 I would LOVE it if you filled out this quick reader survey to give me a little bit more information about YOU and how you enjoy my blog and also what you would change! Please just click on this link below:

Thank you so much sweet friend!
Your feedback helps me oh so much! I am so thankful for you, reader!

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