Thursday, June 4, 2015

Love Goes a Long Way

the more I pray to Jesus and read about Him and daydream about Him and ponder over His ways, I realize that He really is who He says He is. "God is love..." On earth, He was Love in a blood-stained hole-ridden body. And now, some 2,000 years later, after the empty tomb and the words of love and "I'll be back" hope He spoke before He left the atmosphere, He is Love glorious. He is love alive.
I was sitting in a coffee shop earlier, reading those words in red.. His wisdom on display, His love that changes us. I wrote these ramblings and I hope they can bring you one little inch closer to the awe + wonder of Jesus, who is God I serve.
"Love goes a long way.
Love entered into our sin-soaked atmosphere and dwelt among us humans, the broken.
Love healed and love spoke. Love opened blind eyes and restored withered hands. 
Love made a few good friends, whom Love taught as He spoke.  
Love walked a long way, even to His death, a battle that He chose.
Love went to the Cross of crucifixion to be the bridge from the lost hopeless humans to
 the One Great I am
Love went to hell and back. Literally, Love died.
Three days, for the sake of eternity, Love conquered everything, satan, hell, the grave.
And then Love did a crazy thing.
Love burst quick from the hellish grave, It is finished was His cry!
Love spoke again to all who would see; encouraging His friends to show the world who He is,
Love. Love. Love.
Love lives all around us now, beckoning us come.
To come and find ourselves made whole in the image of The Son.
Love is freedom, love is life.
Love paid the price for all."

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