Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Living with Less - Inspiration

Hey Y'all. My husband and I took a trip to Ikea a few weeks ago and while there, we came across a little area that showcased "small spaces". We immediately fell in love with the idea. I have always been passionate about living lightly, free from the abundance of "stuff". I love giving away or throwing stuff away if we don't use or need it. It gives me anxiety to see full boxes sitting in closets that other people could be using making their lives easier instead of making my life packed with clutter. To me, it doesn't make sense. But since owning my own house now that I'm married, I've noticed how easy it is to do just that. But I don't have to live like that. 
There is so much freedom living with less. We never want to live beyond our means so why not live even more below our means, adding freedom and creativity to our lives? My husband and I have always wanted to invest in land and be able to build a smaller home would give us so much more freedom and room to live. Thankfully the web is full of tiny-house lovers. I love all of this inspiration I am getting to live with less! The average price of a home here in America is around $250,000. The average price of a tiny house is $30,000.
The photo above is my all-time favorite tiny house!
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One thing that my husband and I want to do if we build a tiny house is "go big" on an outdoor living space to even out the sq. footage of the house itself. These are great...
Have you ever dreamed of building/buying your own tiny house? What are your thoughts on these cool little things?

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