Monday, June 1, 2015

faith in action, an update, + must reads!

Hey friends! I'm sorry that it has been so long since I have posted. I am trying to be fully present in this blessed life that God has given me. There are many dreams and travelings and fun things on the horizon in my life and hopefully this week, I can share them with you! Also coming this week, I have many exciting things in store! So stay tuned!

what's been happening...
Last week, I wrote a guest post for a sweet friend and new blogger, Hannah. She just started a new series called "faith in action". I would love for you to check out her blog while you're over there. Grab a cup of warm coffee or some sweet iced tea and enjoy!

Check out my story here of how I had to put my faith in action years ago and how it changed my life forever!

what's in store...

- two new guest posts from the htates community
- a life update
- currently
- an exciting surprise!  
- a reader survey

in the meantime...

- this sermon from a couple weeks ago totally rocked my world. God is so good. if you need any sort of encouragement or kick in the right direction, grab some coffee and listen

- this wedding I shot a couple of weekends ago was one of my favorites!

- this devotion from She Reads Truth was simply what my soul needed to hear!


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