Tuesday, June 30, 2015

coffee date!

I've had writer's block like no other the past few days! I figured that it would be better to post nothing instead of posting about random, pointless things. What is your opinion on that? I know it's something bloggers deal with at least a few times a year!
Thankfully, Jenna over at Gold & Bloom has an awesome linkup to help in these blank writing days. She encourages bloggers to talk about what's been going on in their lives lately, their highs + lows. We have had so much fun + exciting things going on and I thought I would share a bit!
highs ++
- We spent a lovely six days on a mini-vaca in my hubby's home-state of Pennsylvania. We celebrated his 29th birthday at Hershey Park, danced the night away at his cousin's beautiful wedding, & spent sweet, sweet time with family.


- Did I mention that I got to spend a morning with Betsy from Heavens to Betsy?! We had a yummy breakfast at Tomcat Café chatting about marriage, weddings, blogging, and life and then ended the coffee date with a photoshoot since we are both photographers. It was such an awesomely fun time!


- While there aren't many lows in my personal life right now, there is real hurt in the world, right in our own country and around the world. I am praying for the family of the victims in Charleston, for the unborn babies who aren't getting a chance, for our country's leaders and governments. I'm remembering that God is King and in control. God's faithfulness is just too overwhelming for me. He is so good. In the midst of death and tragedy, life and joy, He is there + He is LOVE. Remember that! When the lows of life seem too heavy to hold, trust God that He will hold you when you fall, be with you with every step. I'm thanking God and remembering all those lows in the past, they brought me closer to God. And they will do the same for you!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Guy Behind the Blog - Vol. 1

I am so excited! Until today, I have yet to participate in this awesome linkup that Betsy & Laura Jean host every month but finally, I was able to ask hubby these questions. Every month, Betsy and Laura Jean come up with questions to ask their own husband/fiancĂ©/significant other. We get to chance to join in on the fun! Since Joe and I were too late for last month's linkup, I'm going to post May's questions and my husband's answers anyway along with this month's questions & his answers as well!
You all are in for a treat. My husband is hilarious.


1 // What is your favorite family tradition?

Going to New York City for your birthday every year and when I was younger, it was the Easter Sunrise Service.

2 // Who's your male celebrity crush?
Whew, so many. {thinks for a long time} haha. Jesus.  

 3 // What song best sums you up?

Livin' on a prayer. Haha. No, dude looks like a lady. Haha. No, What's that Frozen song? How about the thong song?
4 // What three things do you think of the most each day?
Food, you, & Jesus. But not in that order.

 5 // What is your most embarrassing memory?
Having to crap in Yellowstone National Park
June's Questions:
1 // What’s the best vacation you’ve ever been on?
Hmmm, tough. I really enjoyed the last NYC trip with you and our honeymoon but Haiti was probably the best.
2 // If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would you go?
It's between Australia or Italy but probably Australia
3 // Are there any summer traditions that you have or would like to start? (think things like big picnics, summer activities, bonfires, or day trips!)
I don't know... that's a tough one. Oh yeah, our anniversary beach trip and every other trip we go on in the summer
4 // The 4th of July is coming up…what’s a must-have picnic or BBQ food for you?
BBQ bacon cheeseburger
5 // Think about your ideal vacation…are you in a cozy cabin, camping in a tent, or hanging in a hotel?Cabin. So a cabin in Australia with Jesus while listening to the thong song and eating a BBQ bacon cheeseburger.
And that, my friends, is my husband, the guy behind this blog. I can't wait for next month's questions & his crazy answers!


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Keeping God First in Your Marriage

Hey friends! My husband and I just got home from a road trip to Pennsylvania for some birthday fun, a wedding, and a family reunion! I hope you didn't miss me too much! It was a great time of family, fun, & relaxation! 

Today, I am excited to share with you all about how to keep God first in your marriage!

It is featured on Coffee with Summer's blog while she is away getting married! 

Whether you are single, engaged, newly married, or already have a few years in or with children in the mix, check out these life tips on how to keep God first in your marriage here:

Friday, June 19, 2015

Our Love Story in Photos - Vol. 2

This week, we have been recuperating from youth camp over the weekend so I haven't had any time to blog! I am so thankful for all of the feedback I have gotten from the reader survey so thank you to all of you! Once July rolls around, I will be putting all of the awesome feedback to action! But until then, I will only be posting a few times a week. This week is full of exciting fun including a trip up north + my husband's 29th birthday! I am so thankful for that sweet guy.
Speaking of my sweet husband, enjoy Volume Two of our love story in photos. Last week, I posted photos from our engagement session. Today, I'll be posting a few from one of our wedding showers + the day that I tried on my wedding dress! I can't remember if this was before or after I bought it. It feels like so long ago! These photos are from some time in 2013 before July!
Next Friday is Volume 3... The Big Day! 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

happy 29th birthday, babe!

Today is someone's birthday. He happens to be my heart's mate + my love. He means so much to me! I'm so thankful to God for giving him to me as a gift of His love for us. He is the perfect match for my strengths + weaknesses. He is hilarious, handsome, wise beyond his years, warm, loving, kind, and gentle. He exhibits every fruit of the spirit in such unique ways. I feel so lucky to be his wife + his helper. He shows me more love than I can even believe. Everyday I'm so grateful for him but today is special. I'm so glad that God brought him into this world 29 years ago today knowing that this world and especially my life would be brighter with him it in. Happy birthday, babe!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Living with Less - Inspiration

Hey Y'all. My husband and I took a trip to Ikea a few weeks ago and while there, we came across a little area that showcased "small spaces". We immediately fell in love with the idea. I have always been passionate about living lightly, free from the abundance of "stuff". I love giving away or throwing stuff away if we don't use or need it. It gives me anxiety to see full boxes sitting in closets that other people could be using making their lives easier instead of making my life packed with clutter. To me, it doesn't make sense. But since owning my own house now that I'm married, I've noticed how easy it is to do just that. But I don't have to live like that. 
There is so much freedom living with less. We never want to live beyond our means so why not live even more below our means, adding freedom and creativity to our lives? My husband and I have always wanted to invest in land and be able to build a smaller home would give us so much more freedom and room to live. Thankfully the web is full of tiny-house lovers. I love all of this inspiration I am getting to live with less! The average price of a home here in America is around $250,000. The average price of a tiny house is $30,000.
The photo above is my all-time favorite tiny house!
all photos above are from mobile.houseplans.com
One thing that my husband and I want to do if we build a tiny house is "go big" on an outdoor living space to even out the sq. footage of the house itself. These are great...
Have you ever dreamed of building/buying your own tiny house? What are your thoughts on these cool little things?

Friday, June 12, 2015

Our Love Story in Photos - Vol. 1

It's a little too late for #throwbackthursday but that isn't stopping me! I love photos. I'm a photographer but I love being in front of the camera as much as I love being behind it! I love that we have the ability to capture love in a photo. How amazing is that?! I love reminiscing so for the next few Fridays, I'm going to share our engagement photos, wedding photos, and other photos that capture the love between my husband and I! These photos were from 2013. We were engaged in the Bahamas February '13 after four months of dating. Looking back, I wouldn't have it any other way! Marriage with this man is such a blessing.