Friday, May 8, 2015

Four on Friday!

 I love when bloggers give their readers a peek into their lives so that they can get to know them a bit more so I thought it was time to do just that!


Five movies I would/have watched more than once:
- The Croods
- Avatar
- Interstellar
- Finding Nemo
- Elf
{These are probably my top five fave movies of all time!}
Five books I would recommend:
- Whispers of Hope by Beth Moore
- Crazy Love by Francis Chan
- Not a Fan
- The Insanity of God
- Radical
Five places I've visited:
- The Bahamas (three times)
- Haiti (one time)
 -Dominican Republic (honeymoon)
-Canada (once)
-Arizona (I just loved it there)
Five places I'd rather be right now:
 -with my hubby on the beach
-with my hubby in the ocean
-with my hubby by the pool
-with my hubby at a resort by the beach
-did I mention I wish I was at the beach with my hubby?
Five favorite foods:
 - Anything Mexican
- watermelon
- queso dip + chips
- anything my grandma makes
- anything my mom makes  
Five TV shows I watch:
 - Psych
- The Office
- Jessie (yes, I watch Disney shows on bad/sick days)
- The occasional Gilmore Girls
- We only have Netflix so I don't even have five to add

Five things I'm looking forward to this year:
 - Our Two Year Anniversary!
- our anniversary vacation to Charleston, SC!
- Hopefully getting pregnant
- Joe's cousin's wedding in PA
- My brother's two month trip to NYC
Five things I say all the time:
- what the crap (yes, so classy)
- that's awesome (I say this wayyyy too often)
- I can't wait!
- are you kidding me
- babe!!!
...I guess I'm a very expressive person, haha.

Five favorite things I own:
- our puppy, Penny!
- my awesome Mark 3 5d canon
- our Chemex
- our Keurig
- our home!

Happy weekending!


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