Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Currently // MAY

Happy May, friends! I cannot believe it's May! I mean, how did this even happen? I'm super excited for this month because to me, it's the beginning of summer. And I love summer. Today I'm linking up with one of my favorites, Jenna from Gold & Bloom, and Anne from In Residence, for another month of currently! I love reading about what other bloggers are currently up to so I hope you enjoy a little peek into the life of yours truly!
designing |  lots of things! our front yard flower bed, our master bedroom (two years in the making!), &  our back deck! lots of new + fun things going on in our home and I couldn't be more excited!
enjoying | feeling better + back to good health! I was out of commission with a mysterious stomach virus for a good two weeks + I was so over it come last weekend. I'm so grateful to be feeling normal!
ordering | paint upon paint. We bought + was gifted four pieces of furniture for our master and I am repainting all of them in a pretty and warm ivory. I'm beyond elated to work with some chalk paint for the next few days.
celebrating | mothers day weekend + my little brother's 19th birthday. how is this possible?! it's a sad thing to watch your younger siblings grow but such a blessing to have an awesome family! We are stoked for mothers day weekend.... cook outs, swimming, mema's cookin', campfires, & fishing. I love the south.
tasting |  yummy new coffee creamer. one of my favorite things about coffee is what to add to it to make it even more yum. and I love when that includes creamers that are actually good for you! What is your favorite coffee creamer? I would love a few new ideas!
What are you currently up to? Anything super duper exciting? Happy May, y'all!

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