Thursday, April 30, 2015

You Need to Meet This Girl

Happy Thursday! I have been rather absent from the blog this week due to sickness. I did write a post on marriage for Monday though. Have you checked it out yet? I have been sick for a week now and even had to take a trip to the hospital. But enough about me!
Do you have a special friend or two that you have met through this crazy blogging world? Maybe you haven't even met yet but it seems like you've known them for years! Faith is one of those friends for me. I started reading her blog, Life with Mrs. G and the Artist, months ago. She writes about life, marriage, her faith, her struggles, funny moments, and she is the mastermind behind the ever so popular and growing Golden Vlog. (I personally love it!) She is married to LG and she is a nanny of two sweet twin boys. We wanted to do a fun little post together so we asked each other questions. I'll be over on her blog today & she is taking over mine for the day! Meet Faith. You're going to love her....

1. How did you and your husband meet? Was it love at first sight?

LG & I met through mutual friends. They told him about me first and then he asked for my email and then never emailed me so I took the first step and emailed him. After that first email though, that was it. We emailed almost every day and talked on the phone almost just as much. We lived about 4 hours apart so we didn't get to see each other to much but I cherished the times we did get. Hmmm... love at first sight? I don't know that I believe in that. ha! I knew he was super sweet and I liked him a lot but I don't know if it was love ... I think it grew to that. For me at least. Now he will tell you that he remembers everything about me from the first time he met me. sweet! 

2. What is the biggest obstacle you have faced as a blogger and how did/how are you overcoming it?

Hmmm ... I think probably the biggest obstacle for me was and still kinda is about advertisement. I love sponsoring people and I love having them sponsor me but I'm always nervous I'm not doing something right. Or that my sponsors are not going to like being on my sidebar. I worry I'm not doing enough ... or doing enough of the right things. Does that make sense? I'm still working to overcome that and I have had some amazing people sponsor me and really encourage me with there feedback so it's a work in progress I guess. :) 

3. If you could write a book, what would you write about? 

Oh wow ... funny you should ask this. I have always wanted to write a book. In my teenage years I wanted to write fiction. In fact, somewhere in my parents house is a fiction book I started when I was in high school and I've read it a couple times since and just laugh. It was so terrible so maybe fiction is the way to go. However, I still have the desire to write. I've thought about a book of short stories a couple times and then recently I've come to love the inspirational type books {grace for the good girl, love skip jump, mended}. I would love to write something like that.


4. What song best describes you?

I don't know if a lot of people will know what this song is because it is an old hymnal song but I absolutely love the old song "It's My Desire" It really speaks to my heart. 

It’s my desire to live for Jesus, 
It’s my desire to live for Him; 
Though often I’ve failed and brought Him much shame, 
It’s my desire to live for Him. 

If you could see where Jesus brought me from 
to where I am today, 
You would know the reason why I love Him so. 
So you can take the world’s wealth and riches; 
I don’t need earth’s fame. 
It’s my desire, it’s my desire, it’s my desire to live for Him.  

5. What is the best gift you ever received? 

Best Gift ... I've had a lot of great gifts in my life but the two that are coming to mind right now are my coach purse from my husband last year for Christmas and theatre tickets to see pride and prejudice live on stage. Also from LG. He surprised me one year for my birthday with the tickets and I was so excited! Those two things would have to be at the top I think. :) 
You can find Faith over on twitter, facebook, & insta!
Do you follow Faith's blog? If not, go meet her! Do you have blogging friends?

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