Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Growing with God link up - Week Three - True Fellowship

Maybe you're on of those gals who has the strongest group of friends on earth. You ladies are there for one another and you have get-togethers all the time. You've known each other since you were kids. Or maybe you're sort of like me and you don't have the same friends since high school. And you don't have sleepovers with your girlfriends every month. Maybe you feel like you don't fit in wherever you are.
You may not fit in to the world's cliques but there is a place where we all belong. The body of Christ. And it's oh so sweet.
This week's Growing with God prompt is fellowship. Or community. It all means one thing: unity.
When my husband and I got married, we found ourselves in a town where we knew exactly zero people. I met a sweet woman named Lee who invited us to her church, Harvest Bible Chapel. Before we visited that church, we went to a bigger church in the city since I was used to bigger churches even though I knew everyone because a grew up there. But this church was so big that people met in two places at once. And while it was a great service, not one person actually talked to us. So, we decided to try out Harvest. Y'all. We went one time and we were hooked. The worship was real. I FELT God's presence. The people were friendly. We even joked that they were so friendly that it was creepy. But they were GENUINE. It was such an encouraging place. That night, we attended small group with Lee in a couple's home. This was SO out of our comfort zone but we felt like we needed to go. Story after story, people were pouring their hearts out. Nothing hidden or tucked away. Just real people doing real, hard life walking through pain and struggles, joy and celebration. For one purpose.
For God's glory and their sanctification.
We have been at Harvest for almost two years now. We are involved in the youth group, outreach, welcome team, and a small group. I have overcame anxiety, fear, worry, and a dark place in my life while the ladies in our small group walked alongside of me every step of the way. Not for selfish gain or to look good or to get praise. But because they are full of the love of Jesus. I'm not saying that everyday is perfect but I can honestly say that there is no gossip, no slander, no dissension, no disunity in our small group. Just true fellowship. I understand that not every church is like this but it can be. If any group of people come together in the name of Jesus for His glory and their sanctification, God will work in amazing ways. There isn't magic in numbers but there is supernatural power when believers come together under the name of Jesus.

"For there is one body and one Spirit, just as you have been called to one glorious hope for the future." Ephesians 4:4
I'm sharing all of this with you as a testimony of how God has used His body, His church for my sanctification and my encouragement. And my husband's too, of course! He has grown in leaps and bounds as he and the other guys seek God together, hold one another accountable, and pray for one another.
I believe that God wants us to treat all people like we treat the people in our small group, church, family, or tight group of friends. He calls us to love, serve, and give. And to me, that's true fellowship.

How has fellowship/community effected your life?
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