Wednesday, March 11, 2015

March's The Circle - Meaning Behind the Blog Name!

Hello & Happy March, friends! I am co-hosting The Circle link up with Kiki, from In Its Time. I met Kiki last year when she hosted her fun "closet confidentials" vlog link up and it was SO much fun. I knew I wanted to collaborate with her!
This month's Circle topic is all about the "why" behind your blog! Link up your post about your blog name, the meaning, and the purpose(s) for your blog!

One day in my favorite little coffee shop as I stared at the empty seat in front of me, something deep inside spoke to me.
 It was no loud banter. Just a quiet still voice. Immanuel. God with me. In me. Right now. All the time.
Through the mundane and the exciting, the highs and the lows. He, my Savior and Comforter, my friend and Provider, Jesus, King of Kings longs for me to enjoy, talk, and experience life with Him through it all. He is with me everyday and He was there sitting across from me in that empty seat at that coffee shop years ago.
He is there with you when your kids won't stop crying. He is with you at the office when you feel like you can’t get anything done. He is with you while you’re in the lunch room or in the lab. He is with you as you cry on your bed because your significant other left you. He is with you while you study in the library.
He is with you in that hospital room. He is with you in the passenger seat as you’re driving home from a college you feel so alone at. He is here.
And He is ready for a relationship. A close, never-leave-My-side, I'll-be-with-you-always relationship. Do we pay Him any notice? Do we really go through our daily life with a constant reminder that God is there with us, in us?
So as I sat, staring at that empty seat, His presence washed over me and it was as if I could almost see Him smiling at me. His ever-loving eyes piercing my soul… And He stretches out His hand. What am I daily doing with Him? Do I invite Him to sit with me, chat for hours and tell Him all about my troubles, fears, excitement?
Or do I ignore Him and finish reading my emails.. eat.. and leave? But even if that were the case, the next day when I arrive to enjoy my favorite tea, He is there.. In that empty seat.
My prayer for you and I is that we recognize, accept, and interact with Jesus on a daily basis and enjoy life in deep and close fellowship with Him. This is what He desires. It’s all about a relationship. I desire to encourage, equip, & empower you to daily live life with Jesus, who is our Guider, Deliverer, Teacher, & Savior!
 So in that coffee shop on a bright spring day is where this blog was born... a way of sharing my heart to the world, my heart that is full of Jesus and love for Him, my husband, and others.

{Fun fact, every time my father-in-law sees me and notices an empty chair in the room, he always yells, "hot tea and the empty seat!" haha. It's always entertaining}

What does your blog name mean? What is the purpose behind your blog? Link up with us here!

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