Friday, March 27, 2015

Coffee Date Vol. 2

Happy FRIDAY! Today I'm linking up with Jenna to share my highlights from the week! I hope you've had a bright and sunny week like I have!
Our first picnic with friends by the river happened this week! It was the most beautiful of weeks thus far, I've had our windows in our home open all week, so this picnic was glorious! Plus, it was the first time I've ever made hamburgers. So there's that ;)
Hubby & I ventured downtown to for a fun date outdoors. We enjoyed the scenery, bought snowcones, ate at a delish Mexican restaurant, and went back home to snuggle. I love spring dates with my man.
It was such a beautiful day Wednesday that I decided it was a perfect day to start our spring home renovations :) My sidekick, Penny, chilled in the sun while I listened to worship music and the lovely little chirping birds all around.
Ta-da! I'm so in love! It still needs a second coat & a cute bench with yellow flowers but I am loving our teal door! It's so us & so welcoming!
I can't tell you how blessed we are by new friends. Especially new friends who share the same faith and are getting married this year! Oh, and who have the cutest pup ever. And I'm shooting their summer wedding! So many good things. Having friendships in marriage is such a God thing. I am so passionate about community within the body of Christ so this makes my heart happy!
I have been LOVING this week's time with Jesus. I started a new study from Love God Greatly that is delivered to me via email every morning, started a new prayer journal, & decided to start from the beginning of the New Testament. Because Jesus' words are so loving, comforting, convicting, and all the things amazing. I so so so encourage you to do the same! He is so good to us!
What are your highlights from the week? Happy SPRING!

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