Monday, February 9, 2015

Our Love Story: How We Met - PART ONE

 I am a sucker for all things weddings, real life romance, & love stories. I think that's partly why I became a wedding photographer. I've even dreamt about being a wedding planner! The first glances, the memories, the ring, the big day, the lessons learned together, the forever adventures... I just love love.  
 I also love reminiscing. Because I love story-telling and sharing how awesome God is, I am going to start sharing our love story on this blog of mine! My husband and I have been married for a year and a half and I love going back in time to when we met, fell in love, were engaged, and tied the knot! It's such a sweet story of God's provision & detailed care.

Go back with me to the end of 2012. If I remember correctly, it was September and I just returned home from a summer long camp where I counseled at. I wasn't dating anyone when I received a Facebook message from a guy named Joe. He said that he thought I looked familiar and told me how one of his good friends worked with me at church. I helped with a 5/6 Ministry at my church every Wednesday night with the leader & his wife whom Joe was referring to. We exchanged a few messages but I wasn't sure what to do because I had just met someone else who showed interest in me and I knew nothing about this Joe guy messaging me on Facebook. Fast forward a month and that guy I met earlier that summer turned out to be the total opposite of who I thought he was (a blessing in disguise for sure). A few weeks later, I sent Joe another message to see if he was still "available" since I couldn't help but think about him often. Immediately, we exchanged numbers and have talked every day since then! After texting back and forth for a week, Joe told me that he was coming to town for the weekend to see me. He had just moved two hours away due to his job but his parents still lived where I was then living with my family. That weekend at the end of September 2012 was our first date ever and our first time ever seeing each other. How crazy!
We met downtown for ice cream at Cream City Saturday evening. Y'all, I can remember everything about this moment. We parked on opposite sides of the street & I waited until he got out of the car. I still remember it! I ran over across the road to him and hugged him. He has this look about him. I can't explain it but he just looked kind. Plus, he was SO TALL, y'all. I'm five foot nothin' and Joe is 6'4" so I was totally not used to it. We walked across the street to Cream City and ordered some ice cream. I remember standing beside him and got this strange warm feeling inside my stomach. The feeling caught me off guard because this was the first time ever meeting this guy; I told myself I couldn't of fallen in love that quick, haha! That guy still gives me butterflies. We sat on a bench outside and talked and then decided to walk down the street to the famous donut shop, Ralph's. They were having live music that I wanted to sit outside and listen to but I decided that it was too cold so Joe said he would take me to Old Navy and buy me a jacket. This guy was already taking me shopping.. be still my heart.
 We decided to ditch the concert and go miniature golfing instead. It was such a blast. I had no idea how competitive he was until months later but on this date, he actually let me win! Of course, we had a bet that if I won, he would take me on another date and that time, we would shop in the town he had just moved to that has the biggest mall in TN. I realized later on that he wanted to lose just so he could see me again ;) After the golfing, he took me home. Instead of just dropping me off though, we walked over to the site where my parents were building their house and we sat in the driveway looking at the stars for hours. I secretly didn't want him to leave. It was like we had known each other for years! We had so much in common. Our first date ended up lasting eight hours. Do you believe in love at first sight? I never did until I met Joe.
To be continued...

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