Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Our Love Story: How We Met - PART TWO

Happy Month of Love! February is one of my favorite months of the year because it's valentines day, my birthday, & one of the months of that year that we vacation. (We just returned from the Bahamas!) In honor of the love month, I'm sharing our love story! I absolutely adore sharing our love story. If you missed part one of how we met, go read it now! Click here!
I shared how we met and our first date ever.
This time, I'm sharing our special second date and a few more details throughout that first year like how and when he asked me to be his girlfriend!
Our second date was even better. It was about two weeks later (October of 2012) and he drove me to a spot in the woods a few towns over. He told me to wait in the car while he went to set something up. I sat nervous in his car for about 15 minutes (it felt like hours) until I saw him running up to the car with sweat on his forehead. Did he decide to go for a jog before our date? I had no idea what he was up to. We ended up walking through the woods about half a mile until we came to a clearing.
 It was a gigantic flat rock protruding from the side of this mountain overlooking a deep valley filled with a million trees. It was beautiful! I had never been there before so it was exciting. I look over on the rock and see a red and white checkered blanket filled with goodies. A dozed red roses, sushi for two, candles, my favorite Chai tea, Reeces Pieces and a devotion book for after dinner... was I dreaming?! It still blows me away thinking about it! He knew the way to my heart already!
We ate dinner, laughed and ended up talking well into the night. When the sun set, we were lying on the blanket on our backs, looking up at the stars. A million bright stars so big and shining right in front of us; it looked like you could reach out and grab them all. It was an amazing moment just basking in God's glory and majestic beauty. As we were talking and getting to know one another, I see a big bright star shoot across the sky! And another! It was the first time I had ever saw a shooting star and it happened not once but twice. It was as if God was with us, showing off for us that night. That was the night we had our first kiss! Joe always says that I kissed him first but I know that I did not make the first move. It was definitely him- 60%, me- 40%. Haha! As we sat and talked under the stars, I remember seeing two little stars right beside each other, both pretty dim. You had to really squint your eyes to see them. Joe saw them too and we decided that night that those were our stars. We decided that hopefully when we get old, die, and go to heaven that we can go hang out on those stars with Jesus and one another for a few thousand years. I still think Jesus will let us do just that. ;)  Those two stars helped us on those nights and weekdays we spent away from each other from that evening on while we were dating. While on the phone every night, Joe would tell me to go look at our stars when I was missing him. Needless to say, I gazed at those stars a lot during our semi-long distance relationship. We tried to see each other as often as we could but it was really hard on me. I fell for this guy right off the bat. We both knew by our second date that we were going to get married.
 We started planning our future pretty much from the start...   
A few weeks later (it's mid-October now if I remember correctly), he took me to the town where we was living (and where we now live) to shop and see the sights. That day, he asked me to be his girlfriend officially just before a dinner at this lovely little spot downtown...
 {the day we became "official"! oh the bliss}
Who knew that only four months later, our lives would forever change!

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