Monday, February 16, 2015

Monday Musings {Vol. 3}

Happy Monday, friends! I'm praying that the snow is finally upon us here in the South but I haven't seen a snowflake just yet! I am just overflowing with joy right now.
Last week, I didn't open God's Word one time. It wasn't until two days ago that God really convicting me about it. It's not okay to get too busy with life that you push aside your relationship with the Creator of life. But guess what? His love for me and you NEVER changes. How amazing is that? He is so amazing. But, that truth isn't a ticket to do whatever we want with our lives. That truth, if we want to know Him and experience life to the full, pierces our hearts and changes our lives completely, compelling us to crave more and more of God, our Father and His life-giving promises.
Last night at small group, a place where sisters in Christ gather to hold each other accountable to Jesus, I confessed my ugliness and my lack of passion for His Word. My heart hurt because I hadn't been spending time with my True Love. This morning, I had the perfect opportunity to bask in His glory. So I did.
He fulfills. He gives joy. He overflows my cup.
As I was reading His Word, my heart just started swelling up with joy and comfort. I love that feeling, the feeling of God surrounded me with His wings as I read those God-breathed words of love and power. I decided to start a new 8-day study through She Reads Truth called "This is the Bible". God spoke to me so plainly and so clearly yet so so convicting.
"God speaks to us through His Word... To truly know Jesus, we must listen to Him speak."
Read that again. And again. It was like the lightbulb finally flickered back on in my head. "DUH!" How am I going to know Jesus better, know His will for me, and experience joy and comfort and fulfillment if I'm not listening to Him speak, aka reading His Word?  
Then of course, God kept revealing... Jesus is the Word. Jesus is the unfailing and flawless Word of the Lord. He is the beautiful words of the Father made flesh for our reconciliation with that Father God.
I was compelled to write this. I hope it encourages you!
Are you hurting? Are you confused?
Are you waiting on something you crave? Are you angry?
 Are you fearful? Are you holding onto something painful?
Beloved, go to His Word. 

 Drink from the cup that never runs out.
He can and will come through.
Go to His Word.
He will never leave you alone. He will always have the cure.
Go to His Word.
Open your heart and let His Word comfort your heart,
 fill up your soul, quench your thirst.
Go to His Word.
The Word of The Lord will come to pass.
Go to His Word.
 Sometimes you have to be broken to be put back together the right way.
 Go to His Word.
You will come back satisfied and full.
 Go to His Word.
"So the Word became human and made his home among us. He was full of unfailing love and faithfulness. And we have seen his glory, the glory of the Father's one and only Son." John 1:14
His Word just isn't a book that we can read for knowledge of some far off God. The Bible, His Word, is how the Living Savior of all mankind speaks to us, humans. It's the ultimate story of all of existence held in the hands of the One True God. It's written love, living and active. It's wise and loving words of Jesus, our Redeemer. It's our lifeline. Go, get the Word in you.
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