Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Testimony Tuesday - Week FOUR

I am loving Tuesdays now & it's all because of Testimony Tuesday, I do believe!
You are in for a treat, my friend. I am so excited to share a testimony of God's awesomeness & it's a dear one. Sarah and I met through blogging & have become close friends. She is a burst of sunshine on a grey day & I know that it's because of the joy from Jesus inside of her.

God is so good & He deserves all praise. I hope & pray that Testimony Tuesday glorify & make Him famous. He is so worth it...
"I grew up in a great home. My mother (despite our issues) and my father loved us and made sure we were taken care of.  I remember going to church every once in a while but it certainly wasn't consistent and the only time we talked about Jesus was around Christmas. But, I was enrolled in a pre-school that taught about Jesus and I loved it there. In fact,  I think there might be a video of my brother and I singing "Jesus Loves Me" somewhere. 


I was a pretty decent kid throughout elementary and middle school but when I started walking the halls of high school, I rebelled.  I started hanging around a certain crowd of people and in an effort to fit in, I started making decisions I normally didn't make. I was running away, yelling at my parents, lying to my parents--- heck--- lying to my friends.  I didn't care what anyone outside my group thought about me. My parents were divorced and my antics were only causing more problems between them.  I would use them against one another and make one or the other feel sorry for the situation I was in.  Honestly, I had no idea what I was doing. And for the first part of my high school years, I was out of control. 

I was angry.
I was selfish. 
I was manipulative.
I was inconsiderate.
I was ignorant.

By the time I hit my junior year, I was living with my grandmother. And things were looking up. I was making new friends, getting good grades and working on rebuilding the relationships I had destroyed.  I started hanging out with a quiet girl named Leslie who accepted me for me and allowed me to be myself, no questions asked.  Leslie was beautiful, kind, considerate, smart, and, funny! Actually, she still is.  The more we hung out, the closer we became.  We were pretty much inseparable. One Sunday, after spending the afternoon on a school assignment, Leslie asked me if I wanted to join her at church.  Without really thinking about it, I said yes and my life changed that very night. God started working on me right then and there. 

I started going regularly, partly because I was interested to learn more and partly because there was a boy I liked. Teenagers, right? But in between the stolen glances and flirtations, God was working on me. Oh, He was working. And I could feel it.  There were several times in the next few months that I felt that tug in my heart to walk to the altar but something  someone was holding me back. However, I broke free from that grasp of Satan on a cold, December evening. It wasn't easy, my shoulders were sagging, my feet were heavy and my heart was weary. The weight I'd been carrying, the sin I'd been carrying for so long, finally took over and I collapsed at the altar, at Jesus' feet and I prayed. I prayed for forgiveness. I prayed for renewal. I prayed for peace. 

After I peeled myself off the floor and I instantly felt...lighter. That weight I took up there? Gone! It was amazing, so amazing, that I can't really put how I felt into words. But I will never forget those feelings. Ever. And now?

I am happy. 
I am benevolent.
I am redeemed.
I am forgiven.
I am a Child of God."
Sarah is now a wife, an amazing friend, & an incredible source of encouragement. I highly recommend you checking out her blog, 12TwentySeven!
** If you are interested in sharing your life story & testimony of God's great love and grace in your life, please email me at hotteaandtheemptyseat@gmail.com! I would love to share your story on Testimony Tuesday!

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