Friday, January 23, 2015

Coffee Date // How He Loves Us

Hey Friend! Today I'm linking up with a sweet blogger, Jenna, for another installment of Coffee Date // her linkup about the highs + lows of our lives, the ladies behind our blogs. This is my first Coffee Date of 2015 so I'm super excited to get back into the blogging community. It's hard to juggle life + blogging and lately, I have been focusing a lot more on life but I have so missed my blogging friends!
A little peek into my life lately...
+ Monday, I shot my first ever newborn session! If you don't know, I have my own photography business! I absolutely fell in love with newborn photography! God is such an amazing Creator, isn't he? If you are in the TN area and are a mommy to be, I would love to work with ya!

+ Tuesday, my hubby & I celebrated our one and a half year anniversary! Please tell me that I'm not the only one who celebrates halves ;) Sorry not sorry, I love celebrating life's big + little moments! I'm definitely a celebrator. We started the evening off with our most favorite restaurant in town. When I say favorite, I mean our home away from home. We are kinda obsessed with The Terminal Brewhouse. That cheese dip, though. Next, we drove across the bridge over to Uptown Art. We free-handed oceans. It was so fun! The coolest part was scribing the lyrics from our first dance as Mr. & Mrs.! {The boat song by JJ Heller}
"If you were the ocean..." "I'd be the sand"
 So thankful for the best husband. I'm so lucky to have him!
+  Last night, our not-so-little puppy Penny ran out the door and was gone. At first, I didn't freak out. Then as I was outside in the dark with my flashlight yelling for her, I totally lost it. It was such an awful feeling of fear and loss. If you're not an animal person, you probably think I'm being ridiculous but if you are, then you have probably felt the same way! I realized in that moment how much she, just an animal, meant to me. What was I going to do without her?! I prayed and prayed as we and a couple of our awesome neighbors looked for her. THANK GOD she finally came back. She was just running around the neighborhood having a good ole time while we were all freaking out. I realized a few things last night.. we live in a blessed neighborhood, I don't want kids because if I ever lost one of them I would go on a killing spree {just kidding}, and lastly, it hurts God's heart when his children wander off. Unlike me, He knew where Penny was and He brought her back safely! And unlike me, He never loses us. But we do run from Him. And it breaks His heart. I pray that I or you will never run from God again but if we do wander off the path a little, I know that He will guide us home safe and sound. He is so good!!
 + Please pray for me this weekend! I will be heading back to my hometown by myself for a bridal show all weekend. I don't enjoy being away from my husband and I'm pretty nervous to talk to a thousand people that I don't know so I would love your prayers for courage & peace! It will be a good weekend, I know in my heart. I will get to spend time with a little bit of my family & I know that my husband is going to have a great time of fellowship back here at home this weekend as he is having a guy's night with our youth group kids. I am so thankful for such an amazing husband!
If we were chatting over coffee right now, what would you tell me? What's new? What's on your heart? How can I be praying for you this week? You are loved!

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