Monday, December 1, 2014


It's funny how I am surprised sometimes when I open God's Word and hear His voice just sitting here in my kitchen, how He pierces and changes my heart so easily. Nothing fancy; no worship service or wise speakers. Just me sitting with my heart and Bible open.
 I began to read Isaiah 53. "He was despised and rejected by mankind, a man of suffering and familiar with pain."  This is the same GOD who created this world and the same mankind who are mocking him, beating him, ridiculing him... we "held him in low esteem". Mankind stricken with sin and hate MURDERED their loving Creator who created the definition of love. Yet "he did not open his mouth". Jesus endured this pain and suffering to bore the sins of many, the sins of those who had sinned in the garden, the people who were spitting insults at him in that moment, & you and me who are sinful from birth.. He took our rightful place on that cross.
 "He made intercession for the transgressors." Why? Why would He do this? Why would He take away the sin of the world? He was perfect. He didn't have to be born to die. But He did because HE IS LOVE and He LOVES each human He created and despite our rebellion against Him, He went to that cross so that we would never have to experience a second away from Him for all of eternity.
 This isn't something that makes people change for a few months and then go back into sinning and rebelling and selfish living after the "excitement has worn off". This doesn't get people fired up on Sundays and then go back to selfishly living the very next day.
This is SOUL SAVING, life saving, life altering, hell quaking, chain breaking, purpose giving, SALVATION TO YOU AND ME! Why do we act like it's nothing?! That the one perfect infinite creator of everything chooses to have a relationship with us, broken worms, should bring us to our knees. Every day. It has the power to change us to our core, not just for a few months but until the day we die and go to heaven to be with Him. Let's stop wasting that time we have here. We have the opportunity to share this love with thousands of people before we go on to our home. THAT'S OUR PURPOSE. Our purpose in life isn't to be successful or happy or be married or have 5 kids or to have lots of money or the newest whatever. It's to live for Him. Our savior.
God decided from the beginning of time, even before then, that He was going to make us so that we could enjoy and experience Himself, perfect in every aspect NO MATTER WHAT IT TOOK to get us there, to Him. We will never understand that kind of love, but it's available, it's a free gift from Him to you just waiting to be accepted. Believe in Jesus. Let Him save your soul and your life. Just choose to accept Jesus. He will do the rest, the changing. Let Him give you a taste of freedom and joy while we are on earth.
 If you are like me and you have made that choice to accept Jesus' free gift of salvation, why are we living like it's nothing to us? It's EVERYTHING to us. Without Him, we are nothing. I would be completely miserable and without any joy or purpose on my way to hell, completely cut off from any thought or even glimpse of light and life and joy had I not chose to believe in Jesus when He overwhelmed my heart 10 years ago.
The enemy is all around us and he is doing his best to distract us from God. Stop letting him! We don't have to give in to him. We are powerful through Christ to stop this cycle of mundane pointless living. Life is more than your job, your money, your family, or your future. There is no future without Christ. He is everything! He is worthy!  Read Isaiah 53. Close your eyes and imagine the crucifixion of Jesus. And know that He did this all for us, for love. Let Him change you.


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