Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Looking Back to Look Forward: 2015

It's so nice to be back to this little space of my life! At this point, it has become very little but I think God has given me a peace to come back to it. I truly hope you had a lovely Christmas time. I came down with the flu, pneumonia, and bronchitis all at the same time just a few days before Christmas so I have been enjoying some much needed recouping.
Can I be honest with you?
I haven't felt the desire to come to this blog for a few weeks now.. my heart just wasn't in it. I have been thinking about how I do not want this place to be another time waster. We already have too many time-wasters in this culture and I know that God didn't intend for this to be another one of them. I don't feel led to create this space to be a place where DIYs or things of the like are shared, honestly, because that's what Pinterest is for. This place, just like my life, is meant to glorify God, share His words, His love, and His teachings. It's hard not to fall into the desire of wanting your blog to be the most popular or most viewed.. but not impossible.  
With that said, I am super excited to share with you what God showed me this morning!
Like many of you, I have been pondering 2015. A new year, new opportunities, and new land to be explored. All unknown to us for now but completely known and protected by our Father.  I'm totally into new years resolutions. Last year, I wrote about my one word. I actually had two words (I'm so indecisive) and those words were: joy & intentionality
I wanted to be more intentional in my relationship with God, my husband, and others around me. I wanted to experience the trueness and realness of joy, the gift of the Holy Spirit Himself.
In a tiny little nutshell, this is how God stretched me and taught me and grew me with those words...
 I have grown so much deeper in my relationship with God. God brought me through depression and hopelessness in 2014. I don't want to go into detail, but He carried, still is carrying me, through a tough season in life. I hate to be vague but it was in the middle of my despair, that I realized I am nothing and have nothing apart from Him. That created a whole new realization of my need for Him, my Savior. He is all knowing and all powerful. He has healing in His hands and though he slay me, yet I will hope in Him. {Job 13:15} I never wanted to experience pain in order to be closer to Him. I always wanted to just grow closer to Him by something less painful and scary. I'm sure I'm not alone. But of course, His love is so much deeper and so much more vast than my understanding and intellect. He knows what He is doing.
Through all of this, I have experienced what true joy is. It isn't happiness and it isn't the lack of problems or issues or fears. Joy is the peace He provides when you are at the end of your rope, the bottom of the pit. Joy is the weightlessness and the contentment you feel as you stare your biggest fear right in the eye. Joy is singing and shouting praise unto the King when you are at your best and your worst state of existence. I can truly say that all is garbage apart from knowing and experiencing the love and power of Jesus Christ, even in despair, even when I want to give up. Because it is then that I find hope. He is hope.
My two words for 2015 are AWARENESS & OBEDIENCE
I want to be more aware of what is going on around me, spiritually speaking. The enemy is creeping around this world like a lion seeking whom he may devour. He wants to break the Christian down. He knows that he cannot take our soul but he knows that he can steal everything else we have. And I will no longer be a victim of his petty crimes against me and my Father. Every decision, every circumstance, every choice, every move, I want to be aware of the unseen battle going on all around us. /// I want to be more obedient in sharing Jesus' love with the people in my life and who are yet to come into my life who do not know the power of the love and salvation of Jesus Christ. He has called each of His followers to GO and share the gospel of love and I want to be obedient to Him in that, in everything. He saved my soul... it's the least I could. I don't want to let another friend walk past me straight to hell when I have and know the power of their salvation from sin and death, Jesus Christ. How I long for Him to say to me, "well done good and faithful servant!" when I get Home. What is your one word (or two or three) for this coming year?
As 2014 closes, I look to 2015 with energized hope. I have promises from God that I am boldly shouting from the rooftop. And you do too! Why would you not claim them this new year?
I declare healing. I declare hope. I declare peace. I declare joy. I declare salvation to the lost. I declare that Jesus be lifted high in my life above all else.
Through faith, God will work on my behalf because I am His child, His beloved bride. I can stop living in fear and start believing the good things He has for me. And so can you!  

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