Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thankful Thursdays {WHEN}

Hey Lovelies! I am so glad that you are back for week 3 of Thankful Thursdays! I have met so many new & sweet bloggers because of this link up that I am co-hosting with Jamie & Carrie and for that I am so thankful!
This week's prompt is: WHEN are you thankful?
I didn't have to think for very long on this one. I am thankful WHEN God shows me grace. This happens daily, hourly, minutely, with each breath.
Y'all, sometimes I just downright stink. Okay, a lot of the time I stink. Not literally but figuratively speaking. I am so sinful and I hate that! Thankfully, God- my loving Father and Savior- shows me grace and pardons my sin every time I fall short.
Can you believe that? That a perfect God would do that for sinners like us?
We deserve condemnation but no, God says, "That's my daughter. That's my son. My beautiful creation and I love them. I will forgive and forgive and forgive. Because I am love." There is no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus.
That's what God says about me and that's what He says about you. That's why Jesus died on the cross to save us.
Speaking of the Cross... I'm so thankful for the moment WHEN Jesus washed away my sin.
Yes, I mess up. Daily. But Jesus... He doesn't hold that against me. Because by and through His blood on that death-defying, soul-saving cross, He purchased my soul. I just had to accept it and let it change my life. And for that, I am eternally thankful.
Are you?
Now it's your turn! Share with us when you are thankful!

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