Thursday, November 6, 2014

Thankful Thursdays - Our NEW Link Up!

Y'all it's THURSDAY! Do you even know what that means?! It's our brand new Thankful Thursdays link up! I am teaming up with Jamie & Carrie to share a bit of our thankful hearts with you and to give you the opportunity to share with all of us! We love getting to know bloggers and what better way to do that than through a link-up!?
Today's thankful prompt is: WHO

 I am so thankful for so many people in my life... My parents, my siblings, my grandparents, my friends, my church family and of course, God, who is the giver of everything I have. Those people have shaped who I am and I wouldn't be the same Katie that I am without their help. I want to focus on one guy who I am forever grateful for:

 My Husband.

My husband is someone who has seen, felt, learned, and experienced all of who I am. The good, the bad, and the ugly. And he still loves me. That truly does show me Christ's love because that's how He loves each of us. 

My husband loves me greatly, guides me gently, makes me laugh and sometimes cry... He comforts me and knows my love languages. He is patient when I'm anxious, funny when I'm weary, and encouraging when I'm down. 

While my husband isn't perfect, though darn near close in my opinion, we still have our differences. Yet, somehow God uses those differences to bring us closer together and to Him. He prays with and for me. He gets me. 

That's the thing about marriage. It doesn't end when the fuzzy feelings go away. It was created to love and flourish through the pain and the trials. It doesn't end because Love never ends.

Jesus is Love and He has used my husband to show that to me in so many different ways. 

And that's why I am so thankful for my husband! 

Now, it's your turn to link up with us! Just grab the picture below, follow me, Jamie, & Carrie, add your link, & get to know the other bloggers by commenting on their thankful posts! 

The Celebrating Momma

We are so excited about this new link up series. All three of us believe in the importance of being thankful and we thought what better time to share what we are thankful for than during the month of Thanksgiving.

Here is how it will work…each Thursday in November link up and share what you are thankful for using the prompt provided for that date.

November 6: who //  November 13: what  //  November 20: when //   November 27: where

 Super simple right?

- Be sure and link back to the three of us {Carrie, Katie, and Jamie} and feel free to use the button. - Follow each of us on some form of social media.

{Here are a few easy links for ya: Carrie, Katie, and Jamie but feel free to connect with us in a way that is best for you because we really want to get to know you!}

- Be sure and visit at least one other blog that is linked up and leave a comment. You never know what kind of friend you might make!

We can’t wait to read what you are thankful for!

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