Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thankful Thursday + a VLOG!

Hey friend! I'm so glad that you are here! How are you? But really, how are you

Today I am feeling quite thankful.

I have everything I need in Christ yet He blesses me with even more: a husband, a family, a house, running water, heat. 
We have so much to be thankful for! 

Today is Thursday (if you didn't know already) and that means it's the second week of our new link up.. Thankful Thursdays! 

It's also the week for Faith's Golden Vlog link up (which I completely adore!) that she does every month! 

I'm combining the two into one gloriously awkward and probably full of rambling vlog about thankfulness & thanksgiving!


You don't have to make a vlog but if you are brave enough, I encourage you to go link up with Faith here! 

If you aren't into vlogging, please link up with me, Jamie, & Carrie for this week's Thankful Thursday. 

The prompt is: WHAT are you thankful for? 


I can't wait to read everyone's posts & vlogs! Happy thanksgiving, y'all! 

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