Monday, November 24, 2014

Ringing in the Holidays - Week's End

Don't you just love this time of the year? The Christmas tree & décor comes out of the attic, hot chocolate is bubbling on the stove, & menus are being written for turkey day.
This weekend was such a lovely one. Friday after work, I was able to head over to Starbucks with a little devotion with Jesus over coffee. I was so seriously blessed coming to the presence of my Loving Father after a week of me being selfish with my time. He forgives, always. That afternoon, my husband and I kicked the weekend off right with a much needed date night after almost a full week of me being sick in bed.
We Christmas shopped (yes!!), had a fun Target run, ate at our favorite restaurant downtown, & kicked up our feet with some delish hot cocoa from The Hot Chocolatier & a mini-marathon of The Office (oh, . Yes, it's as cool as it sounds.
On Saturday, we met up with Kristen from When at Home (who is seriously awesome) & her family who drove over to our city for the day. My husband and I photographed them and got to know them a little better. They are such a fun family! And her kids are precious!
Saturday was a full day of photography. We were blessed to photograph 6 church staff families from our church family! It was so incredibly fun!
Sunday, we had an amazing worship service. I couldn't help but imagine all of us in heaven one day singing the same praises & proclamations to our amazing God. One day we will be face to face with our Creator, our King. How amazing it that! We spent the rest of our Sunday watching football (I slept through it) & baking for our small group's thanksgiving dinner that night which was such a blessing! I recreated my grandmother's homemade sweet potato casserole! It wouldn't of been possible without my sweet husband cutting the sweet potatoes since I'm not allowed to hold a knife. ;)
Who is excited for this short work week? Holla! Get the turkey in the oven, I'm ready for a week of food & family!
Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!
I am so thankful for all of these people & this life God has gifted me with!

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