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Hey Gorgeous!
I am super excited to finally let you in on the little secret I have been keeping..
I am so excited to announce my very own, first ever, link up!

 It's called Wifey Wear Wednesday and it starts in ONE WEEK!
Before I give you the lowdown on the purpose behind Wifey Wear Wednesday, I want to give you a few little details.
Starts: December 3rd, 2014
Ends: We will have two months of Fashion Fun but if it does well, I'll extend!
Open to: Women Everywhere! You don't have to be a wife to participate. Read more!
Purpose of Wifey Wear Wednesday...
I started Wifey Wear Wednesday a few months ago on my former blog. I think it's time to bring it back...
A lot is written in the Bible about how to dress & how to present yourself. Being followers of Jesus, God has called His beloved daughters to a high standard of presenting ourselves.
This isn't your normal fashion link up....
We are His princesses! And princesses are classy & intentional about what they put on their bodies. I have a strong desire to see girls of all ages dress in a modern & up-to-date way without compromising our standards of beauty as women.
 I think it’s so important to remember that beauty has nothing to do with how you dress. It’s not about how silky your hair is, if you have a thigh gap, or if your face is flawless. True beauty comes from the heart. It’s a way of living.
Beauty is defined in our culture and around the world by how you look on the outside. God defines beauty as how you look on the inside of your heart, your soul. I adore fashion & like to mix and match fun colors, patterns, & whatever else I can find on sale and honestly. But God always reminds me that He loves me despite my hot pink flip-flops & polka dot shorts. I don’t have to rely on my outward appearance to please anyone. For me, fashion is a fun hobby. It’s a way of expressing your mood, your attitude, & can even give glory to God!
I am creating Wifey Wear Wednesday to inspire women of all ages that it is possible to dress fashionably and still keep your dignity. You can look “good” without showing off skin. This is a collection of outfits that I express myself as a wifey & woman of God!
You are of more worth than a diamond!
Why "Wifey" Wear Wednesday?
 Before becoming a wife, I rarely ever gave the clothing I wore a second look. I always tried to look decent, of course, but it wasn't until I married my best friend that I realized that I was made to honor my husband and God in all ways... and that included how I dress!
I also love link ups & think it's the best way to get to know other women in the blogging world! Wifey Wear Wednesday is a great way to step out of your comfort zone a little, meet new bloggers, & glorify God. Can it get any better?
Each week, I will announce a fun prompt. For example, next week's prompt is "Date Night Essentials". You can be as detailed in your WWW fashion post as you want. You can dress up or down. Just share with us your favorite outfits or outfits in your own closet that express who you are & what you represent!
Each week, I will share with you my favorite outfits from my closet. Please don't feel like you have to go out and buy a new outfit. Because I'm certainly not going to! This is a place for women who desire to find honoring fashion inspiration.
So, tell me... what's stopping you from participating?
If it's lack of self confidence, girlfriend, you are in the right place. This is a place where women embrace each feature that God has given us.
 Whether you are a size 2 or a size 20, you are beautiful & you have a place. God made us all in His image! How awesome is that?!
Go ahead and grab this button & share with all of your friends! Stop back next week {December 3rd} to link up with us!
"Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised." Proverbs 31:30
 December 3rd Fashion Prompt: Date Night Essentials
Please share this new link up with your friends, fashion bloggers or not!

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