Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I am sick but there is a Healer.

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I'm sick. We all are. We are all sick with sin. Some people do not even know that they are sick and some are wallowing in their disease right outside the Doctor's office.
We are sick with sin. It's a human thing.
But there is Hope. And that Hope has a name. He happens to be the Healer and the Great Physician.
I was reading in my devotion this morning from She Reads Truth and this certain paragraph seemed to jump off the screen and hit me straight in the heart...
 "Friends, we are all sick with sin. Every one of us is diseased with iniquity. We hear each other saying, “I’m broken and guilty,” and we think to ourselves, “If only they knew - it’s me. I’m the worst.” We live in fear of shining a light on the very darkest parts of our hearts—afraid to whisper those dark parts by name, let alone hold them in our outstretched hands in plain sight of the One who bled and died to redeem them."
When we ask Jesus Christ in faith to forgive us of our sins and redeem our lives, He does. Completely. Our soul becomes occupied with His Holy Spirit, the only good in us. Period. Because we are still living in our flesh here on earth, we will still struggle. We aren't chained to sin but the flesh we live in is bent on dancing around it until the day we die.
I have been saved by Jesus for years but it just clicked in my head that the sins I struggle with are the sins that Jesus died to REDEEM.
That word, redeem, jumped off the page.
Jesus died to redeem my sin of ______. Fill in the blank.
Because whatever it is, Jesus died to redeem it, to wash it white as snow as if it never existed!
Have you asked Jesus to redeem the sin in your life?
Is your soul still sick and chained to sin?
If you have been redeemed but you find yourself entangled in the sin that your Savior died to set you free from? There is no condemnation for children of God, only hope and healing.
Friend, we are all sick and there is only One who can heal: Jesus Christ, Savior and Healer of sinners.

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