Friday, November 7, 2014

Five On Friday // It's Lovely

Sometimes life can be downright mundane. Or so it may seem at times. Look around you... The people, the nature, the smells, the sights. It's lovely. Life is exquisitely beautiful.
It's that time of the year! It's the time when families get together and meals are in the making. It's the time for thanksgiving and that isn't just the meal. While every day is a day to give thanks, it seems fitting to focus even more on what we are thankful for. A sweet blogging friend of mine, Jamie from The Celebrating Momma is hosting a new link up: Thankful Thursdays and I am co-hosting with another friend, Carrie from The Bitsy Button. Yesterday, we talked about WHO we are thankful for. Stop by next week for WHAT we are thankful for. I confess that you should link up with us next week!
This week I have been extra spoiled by my sweet husband. He cooked me an amazing meal at home. The next night we went shopping for winter gear and the night after that, we surprised me with a Starbucks gift card "just in case!" Last night, we ordered his favorite pizza and spent the night loading up on camping gear and watching The Office. I wish that I could thank him for everything he does for me. He truly treats me extraordinary! I confess that he seriously blows me away everyday.
Speaking of camping, we will be leaving this afternoon to hike to a camping spot beside a river with two of our dear friends. We are so excited! I am praying that I don't freeze! I absolutely love spending time out in God's creation. There is something so refreshing and energizing about spending time in the great outdoors. I am taking my camera so get ready for some fun camping photos! I confess that I'm a baby when it comes to the cold so this weekend camping experience will be an adventure!
Y'all. I'm loving my current bible study. She Reads Truth is totally rockin' it lately. Currently, I am doing two of their past studies: Open Your Bible & Ruth. I am well into Open Your Bible and let me tell you, it's packed to the brim with truth. I absolutely adore it! After coming back from Haiti, I KNEW I had to be more intentional about hearing from God through His Word. This study has helped me immensely. I am on week 1 of Ruth with a dear blogging friend, Sarah! The amazing story of Ruth has always been dear to my heart. Nothing is more cool than a woman running full force after God and giving up all she knew to be loyal. If you have never heard of She Reads Truth, check out their website & download their app! I confess that this has seriously brought me closer to God!
Who doesn't love family time? Whether it's your actual family, dear friends who love you, or your church family, there is something so lovely about family time. Since we left our Haitian family, we have had the opportunity to spend lots of quality time with our "by blood" family. And this weekend, we get to spend time with friends we love and our amazing church family. I want to cry just thinking about all the amazing people in our life, both near and far, whom God has specifically placed in my husband's and my life to love us and draw us closer to God. Life is exquisitely beautiful! I confess that I seriously miss our Haiti family but we are so excited to see them again soon!

Isn't he the cutest?! What makes your life lovely? Let's chat!
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