Friday, November 21, 2014

Currently Going On - FRIDAY!

It's Friday, friends! I have been sick in bed all week so it's crazy to me that it's already Friday! My husband and I have a great weekend ahead of us and it doesn't hurt that tonight is date night!
Check out all of the fun you may have missed..
Today I want to share with you 5 of my currently favorite things going on this holiday season!
1 //
Growing up, it was a tradition every Thanksgiving morning for my family to wake up early, make Pigs In A Blanket & watch Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. We have been doing it for years! Check out this year's line up! Did you know that in 1927, the balloons were filled with air and held up with sticks. They have come so far!
2 //
We all love Starbucks. Have you checked out their new collection? It's the Dot Collection! Okay, I confess, I am wanting this one in my stocking this year! Add a little Sbux giftcard to this mug & you have the perfect holiday gift!
3 //
Not sure what to wear to the annual Christmas party this year? Check out this amazing red and lacey dress that is perfect. For a more budget-friendly find, check out this one! I confess, I love the cheetah print belt.  
4 //
It's so important to stand up for what you believe in. Otherwise, you will never make a difference. Check out this article about marriage & views on the topic. "The church cannot be salt and light in a crumbling culture if it caves in to the sexual revolution and fails to provide a counter-culture witness. It is a myth that we must give up Biblical truth on sexuality and marriage in order to evangelize." -Rick Warren
5 //
I have a surprise! A new, fun, & super awesome project is in the works here on the blog and it's one that you ladies are going to love! I will be posting all about it here NEXT WEDNESDAY! Don't miss it! Make sure that you are subscribed to this blog, Hot Tea and the Empty Seat, either by email or on bloglovin'! I'm excited to launch this new project!! Here is a hint: fashion fun. ;)
This was my first Friday post about what's currently going on in our culture but I loved it! Here is to many more! And don't forget.. stop back by next WEDNESDAY to check out my new & exciting project that YOU can be involved in!! It's going to be fun, friends!
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