Monday, October 20, 2014

Our First Year of Marriage

On July 20th, 2013, I stood outside dressed in ivory and promised my heart and life to my tall and handsome best friend in a coral tie who just so happened to be the man that God created just for me. The words we spoke, straight from our hearts, tied our lives together.
"I do!"
The tall & handsome fella in the cream-colored suit who carried me down the aisle is the same strong man who has carried me through sleepless nights, lots of tears, laughing fits, & everything in between. He has been faithful, bold, strong, caring, trustworthy, warm, & gracious. He has been the one I run to when I mess up or get my feelings hurt. He is the one who deals with my mood swings & random crying spells. He is my encourager, my best friend, & my biggest fan. He prays for me daily and I lift him up to our Lord every morning and every night.
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He is the one who makes me frustrated, cry, or laugh until I pee in my pants. He gives me butterflies in my stomach every single time he looks me in the eye. {no joke} I have never gotten tired of having him around. His laugh and sense of humor are both contagious. He gets mad at me when I feel like getting under his skin. He is smart and wise and way better at sports than I am. He supports me in my dreams and provides for my every need, working hard, and will walk around the mall with me and buy every coral dress we spot.
He leaves the toilet seat up and in the middle of the night, I fall in the toilet. I forget to dry his work shirts and he ends up wearing a wrinkled and wet button up.
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In life, We walk together. Some days, he is holding me. Some days, I am pulling him. And some days, we are both too weak to keep going but we do. Our God is in the middle of us.
My husband is on my side but some days aren't picture perfect. We are two sinful humans in one home trying to keep from messing up too much. We dream together and sometimes we have to speak reality to one another.
I hurt him and he hurts me. My feelings get crushed over words he speaks and he feels unloved when I choose selfishness. I get way too sassy with him and he gets a little too real with me.
We read our bible together and ask the hard questions. We encourage each other to seek the face of The Lord. We pray and we intercede. We praise and we dance together. We serve in church side by side and he fills in the gaps that I miss. We push each other. We strive to serve God wholeheartedly. Sometimes we forget to read our Bible and sometimes we doubt God's perfect plan. We ask for forgiveness & do it all over again.
We fight temptation. We mess up. We pray over each other. He speaks healing and blessings over me. I ask for strength and wisdom over his heart.
This is marriage. This is love. This is life. Joe and Katie. Husband and wife.
And we will do these things and more, each day for the rest of our lives on earth until we finally get Home. And even then, we will meet on our stars and sing praises to the King of Kings who saw it fitting to place two of His children together on earth.
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  1. Happy anniversary to you all!!! What a sweet post!

  2. hahahha just realized it's not July....that's mommy brain for you!

  3. This is so beautiful, Katie! you looked GORGEOUS on your wedding day!!! you guys look like you're just so in love and the best of friends! That last paragraph is frame worthy! Congrats on a year (plus a little) of marriage! What an awesome journey we're on eh?

  4. This is beautiful!!! You're right when you say that this is marriage and it has ups and downs. My husband and I, we love hard and we fight hard. We are both sensitive and something we hurt each other without meaning to but we never stop the discussion, we never stop talking, we never stop trying to figure out the root of the problem and it always comes down to a misunderstanding and hurt feelings. We love each other above all else (except our Lord) and we always come together for our marriage is of the utmost importance to us. Wishing many more years to you and your wonderful husband!

  5. Congratulations!!! Marriage is such a beautiful example of God's love and grace for us as shown through each other. Blessings on many more years of marriage!

    (Also, I just saw your comment on my About Me page and couldn't remember if I ever replied. I saw you're from TN - I live in East TN!!)

  6. so beautifully written! congrats to one year! my husband and I just celebrated our one year in September!

  7. Such a beautiful post about marriage!! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Seriously? So, SO cute! Love all of your pictures!


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